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Happy Days

9 Sep

Bonjour mon amis, how is everyone? Do you ever feel wrapped up so tight in your little bubble you forget there is a world out there? I have certainly been in my own little world lately and ever so aware that i’ve my blog has been on the quiet side, so apologies for that!



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What’s happened in my world recently? Well I quit my full time job to go back to college, I wanted to study a HE Access to Art course for mature students which would bridge the gap between my last point of education and getting into university. However there is just NO help towards the cost of living if you’re a mature student doing a further education course. Cue major panic as there was not enough time left in the week to work and earn what I required to make ends meet.

I decided to try my luck and apply straight to university instead…simple right? WRONG! I sat my A Levels 7 years ago and although I was accepted into university when I was 18 the grade requirements have increased considerably since so I was nowhere near the entry level. So I waited for the clearance to open and started to enquire about a place, countless nerve racking phone calls later and after trying to send select portfolio pictures across by email I had a verbal offer!



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Literally could not believe it, I really thought I wouldn’t get into university and I had been offered a place only a few hours after enquiring about one. We should never underestimate ourselves! Then started the onslaught of filling out my UCAS application and trying to apply for my student loan. Thankfully because university is classed as higher education I qualify for a maintenance loan and grant so I can still afford to live!

There was still the issue of needing a part-time job however and I was being turned down right, left and centre as I am ‘over qualified’ for everything. This isn’t me blowing my own trumpet, this was the general theme of excuses I was getting when applying for bar work or waitressing. Lets face it i’m over 18 and you’d have to pay me minimum wage, that’s what the issue was.

So I sent my CV around to a few agencies with a cover letter and low and behold I got sent down the path of applying for Aldi’s head office. I secretly really wanted this job. It was 15 minutes in the car from where I live, it was Saturday and Sunday only and it was a massive cut above minimum wage. However I wasn’t holding out hope that i’d get it or anywhere near being offered it.

For this job I had to attend the agency to show I could spell, do simple mental arithmetic and use Microsoft Excell. If I completed all the above along with a short interview, i’d be sent to the assessment stage at Aldi. The assessment was a group of 8 of us and we had to complete several tests and activities. We could only be marked on how much we input as individuals but how well we interacted and communicated as a team. Eeeeeep.

This immediately put my out of my comfort zone, I am let’s face it a wallflower in some respects, I like to sit back and observe the lions fighting over the meat. Times like this though you have to push yourself and it paid off. Whether I got the job or not I survived the group assessment and felt that I had done better then I initially expected. The assessment consisted of; a scenario that needed to be discussed in a group, a listening exercise, an attribute test, a maths test (yes one question we had to divide 8 into 13453279 in our heads…), a spelling test, a priority test, a customer service role play with no prep time! and finally another group discussion.

I finally got offered the job after a further interview, so relieved!

Phew. Following that we got two new kittens! Awwwweh!! They’re little monkeys but so cute so they totally get away with murder. We named them Inca & Nala and they have settled in nicely.

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What else, what else let’s see… I guess also I felt like i’d lost my blogging mojo, if I ever even had it, but even if just one person reads and enjoys it then that is wonderful.

Looking forward to updating you all shortly as I start training for my new job and my first week at uni! So nervous but super excited!!!

Much Love x



19 Jun


Inspiration – in·spi·ra·tion (noun)

1. Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.

2. The condition of being so stimulated.

3. An agency, such as a person or work of art, that moves the intellect or emotions or prompts action or invention.

4. Something, such as a sudden creative act or idea, that is inspired.

5. The quality of inspiring or exalting: a painting full of inspiration.

6. Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.


in`spi•ra′tion•al, adj.

in`spi•ra′tion•al•ly, adv.

It is clearly defined what Inspiration means, but what it is to each of us is undefinable. What we draw inspiration from is different for every single person, whether it be words or a picture what is agreeable is it comes in many forms.

For me, it is not a resource I find easily accessible. I can be starved for days, weeks, even months without so much as a snifter and yet sometimes (rare times I must admit) I can be so inspired I do not know how to handle the fire.

I often find that I ponder the dilemma of how I can make my old friend Inspiration visit more often. Discovering new things or even rediscovering that what you already love is the easiest solution, but, when you find you’re struck with it unexpectedly and you have a real serendipity moment – that for me is the real icing on the cake.

A question I pose to all my readers, What inspires you? and how do you retain that feeling?

We all come different walks of life, we will have encountered lots of different people, lots of different things but in the case of Inspiration we have one common goal. For me..Inspiration comes from the beauty of nature. If ever you look for inspiration to create, look to the mother of all creators. Everything so intricate and delicate but fiercely beautiful. I never feel more at home then when I am at the beach, the serene water, freshness of the air and my toes buried in the sand is my little piece of heaven.

I would love for you to share with me anything that inspires you, whether it be a link a photo a motto…anything.

Thank you x