Time for change

10 Jun

Despite what people say, we all to a certain degree worry about what others think of you, worry what they’ll say or even do. I do believe however the worst critic you’ll ever face is yourself.

My inner monologue is a bitch.

It’s really hard to branch out of your comfort zone, you’ve built your walls high, you’ve built them strong and inside is your happy space. That’s absolutely fine.

Sometimes it’s healthy to push yourself outside of your fortress to embrace the new. New opportunities and experiences won’t come knocking or anywhere near you unless you’re out there working for them, but this can leave you feeling exposed.

Most mornings I try to push myself to do something different, I talk myself into wearing a red lip to work for example – the minute I put that lipstick on my inner monologue says “Don’t be stupid, you look ridiculous. Other people will think you look ridiculous Take it off…NOW” 

Before I realise it’s already half smeared down my face in my attempt to forget i’d even tried it.

For years I have plodded along with no confidence, always feeling that I look like crap, which in turn makes me feel like crap, my inner monologue running the show. No more…

Learning to love yourself can be hard, but pointing out one good thing about yourself a day is a decent start. Instead of the first thought being oh god my skin looks terrible, such big bags under my eyes, what is that on my face….. holy crap no amount of concealer will fix that mess. 

Try and think how lucky you are… I have luscious thick hair, legs to die for, an ample chest…whatever you like about yourself make sure you say it louder then your inner monologue whining about one small imperfection.

There is a much bigger picture to look at then focusing on one tiny detail, open your eyes because you’ll soon see that whatever you think is wrong with you chances are someone wishes they had it…didn’t think about that did ya.

So try that red lip, if it doesn’t work for you it’s not the end of the world, you were brave enough to try it and that deserves a pat on the back. If you don’t try it, you’ll never know and you’ll never move forward.

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