Survival 101 – Living with the other half…

6 Jun

Ok, so lets see a show of hands…

Who else has issues with commitment? It’s a scary thing… for me at least. Now doubt in my mind that I won’t be alone in this.

So lets set the scene. You’re enjoying the journey of your relationship, working with the perfect balance of boyfriend, friends and ME time – until that nesting instinct kicks in. Suddenly you’re thrown into hormonal turmoil and you find yourself pondering the what if’s of setting up shop with the fella.

Perfectly normal let me tell you, also perfectly normal to then stress about all the little consequences of your to be living situation.

First of all, lets accept he’s going to see you in the glorious state you wake up in on a morning….fantastic (ugh!) – time to embrace the neanderthal look ladies, I bet he’s no Prince Charming on the toll of the AM alarm either. 

Aside from seeing you with no makeup and before the grooming ritual he’s also going to be; invading your personal space, trying to cut into your TV time with the sports, leaving last weeks boxers on the floor (maybe in a pile, if you’re lucky) and filling the whole house with sounds of zombie splatter from his precious Xbo360. Believe me all the little annoying quirks will frustrate you tenfold.

Don’t let me put you off by the way, despite being an Xbox/PC widow myself he’s turned into a real hunter-gatherer type and loves catching and cooking dinner (when I say catching I mean from the fridge/freezer). My own Jamie Oliver in training – i’ve lucked out!

I am rather pleased to admit, that it’s not as bad as I anticipated. Despite the rich tapestry of worry I wove for months it’s working out rather nicely. Our space is still our own but with all the bonus of time together, Sky + is the saving grace between our taste in TV and as for washing on the floor..who doesn’t join the floordrobe trend now and again?

I’d encourage anyone who is in a fluster over the possibilities to just take the plunge, you’ll naturally adapt and soon find you’re enjoying cohabiting. Embrace the change, what’s to lose?

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Much Love x


One Response to “Survival 101 – Living with the other half…”

  1. Cythia Mohammad June 21, 2013 at 3:32 am #

    Ça m’a pris du temps pour lire tous les commentaires, mais j’ai vraiment apprécié l’écrire-up. Il s’est avéré extrêmement utile pour moi et je suis certain que tous les intervenants ici, il est toujours bon quand vous ne pouvez pas être informé, mais aussi amusé, je suis certain que vous vous êtes amusés à écrire cet article.

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