My on-going quest for beautiful nails.

2 Jun


One thing that’s always been an obsession of mine is nails.

Even when I was young, I had a pretend set that you wore like rings over the tips of your fingers…I thought they were great! Many fun hours proceeded of pointing and tapping. Wonder what ever happened to those

My mother has beautiful strong and healthy nails, but unfortunately genetics didn’t smile on me and it skipped a generation…

Mine have always been brittle, soft and you’d think they were a bunch of bananas the amount they split.

Over the years, I have tried EVERYTHING; Supplements, Clearcoats, Strengtheners, Lotions, Potions… you name it.

So what has worked for me?…


let’s discuss nail care on a budget. 

First and foremost a nail mantra –

Treat your nails like jewels, not tools…

How true, we pick, scratch, poke, prod and your nails all take the brunt of it, poor little buggers...

You wouldn’t fancy using your diamonds to do your dirty work, so time to start holding your hands in higher regards.

Show them some love (your hands and nails that is) –

Plenty of good old calcium and vitamin A in your diet will help strengthen the blighters; yoghurt, cheese, milk…yummy. If your diet is poor your  hair, skin and nails can all suffer. Make sure to try include some diary in your diet each day – your nails will thank you for it.

Nail Bath –

Soak them in some extra virgin olive oil…sounds gross maybe but i’ve seen dozens of beauty gurus recommend it. Soak them in it for up to 5 minutes, as it’s rich in vitamins it will help condition your nails as well as promote growth. When you’re done, rub the excess in with your thumbs to prompt and increase blood flow to your nail beds, it all helps to keep them healthy and strong!

Filing & Keeping them painted –

Plain and simple, file your nails in one direction only (think of the band to help you remember if you have to!) it will help infinitely with splitting. Try to keep them painted at all times, even if it’s with a clear coat if your mood isn’t colourful…

Try different colours and funky cute designs, guaranteed to keep your nails stronger and make you smile!



I’d love to hear your tips, tricks and secrets!

Much Love x


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