Happy Days

9 Sep

Bonjour mon amis, how is everyone? Do you ever feel wrapped up so tight in your little bubble you forget there is a world out there? I have certainly been in my own little world lately and ever so aware that i’ve my blog has been on the quiet side, so apologies for that!



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What’s happened in my world recently? Well I quit my full time job to go back to college, I wanted to study a HE Access to Art course for mature students which would bridge the gap between my last point of education and getting into university. However there is just NO help towards the cost of living if you’re a mature student doing a further education course. Cue major panic as there was not enough time left in the week to work and earn what I required to make ends meet.

I decided to try my luck and apply straight to university instead…simple right? WRONG! I sat my A Levels 7 years ago and although I was accepted into university when I was 18 the grade requirements have increased considerably since so I was nowhere near the entry level. So I waited for the clearance to open and started to enquire about a place, countless nerve racking phone calls later and after trying to send select portfolio pictures across by email I had a verbal offer!



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Literally could not believe it, I really thought I wouldn’t get into university and I had been offered a place only a few hours after enquiring about one. We should never underestimate ourselves! Then started the onslaught of filling out my UCAS application and trying to apply for my student loan. Thankfully because university is classed as higher education I qualify for a maintenance loan and grant so I can still afford to live!

There was still the issue of needing a part-time job however and I was being turned down right, left and centre as I am ‘over qualified’ for everything. This isn’t me blowing my own trumpet, this was the general theme of excuses I was getting when applying for bar work or waitressing. Lets face it i’m over 18 and you’d have to pay me minimum wage, that’s what the issue was.

So I sent my CV around to a few agencies with a cover letter and low and behold I got sent down the path of applying for Aldi’s head office. I secretly really wanted this job. It was 15 minutes in the car from where I live, it was Saturday and Sunday only and it was a massive cut above minimum wage. However I wasn’t holding out hope that i’d get it or anywhere near being offered it.

For this job I had to attend the agency to show I could spell, do simple mental arithmetic and use Microsoft Excell. If I completed all the above along with a short interview, i’d be sent to the assessment stage at Aldi. The assessment was a group of 8 of us and we had to complete several tests and activities. We could only be marked on how much we input as individuals but how well we interacted and communicated as a team. Eeeeeep.

This immediately put my out of my comfort zone, I am let’s face it a wallflower in some respects, I like to sit back and observe the lions fighting over the meat. Times like this though you have to push yourself and it paid off. Whether I got the job or not I survived the group assessment and felt that I had done better then I initially expected. The assessment consisted of; a scenario that needed to be discussed in a group, a listening exercise, an attribute test, a maths test (yes one question we had to divide 8 into 13453279 in our heads…), a spelling test, a priority test, a customer service role play with no prep time! and finally another group discussion.

I finally got offered the job after a further interview, so relieved!

Phew. Following that we got two new kittens! Awwwweh!! They’re little monkeys but so cute so they totally get away with murder. We named them Inca & Nala and they have settled in nicely.

Picture 716

What else, what else let’s see… I guess also I felt like i’d lost my blogging mojo, if I ever even had it, but even if just one person reads and enjoys it then that is wonderful.

Looking forward to updating you all shortly as I start training for my new job and my first week at uni! So nervous but super excited!!!

Much Love x


Budget Beauty #2 – Argan Oil Hair Mask

9 Sep

Hello again lovelies!

I am back again, bringing you another cheap and cheerful product review! Since I decided to start the ‘Budget Beauty’ post series my thrifty side has been in her element, constantly keeping her eye out for that potential fantastic bargain. If you missed my last post check out the fabulous Natural Collection Blusher review here.

This time i’m reviewing a hair product, which is a little odd for me as some of you may know that I am very low maintenance with my tresses. However since having my hair ombred I heard so many  horror stories about the ends turning like straw because of the bleach so I really wanted to be a little more conscious of my hair and it’s condition.

Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask

I discovered this little treasure in the aisles of ASDA at the amazing price of £1.00. Immediately this grabbed my full attention, I mean how could it not?

Picture 715


Moroccan Argan Oil has been cropping up everywhere lately in hair products through to body oils, it’s for sale in your high end hair salons and even in Primark, but what exactly is it?

Argan Oil is derived from Argan trees which are primarily found in southwestern Morocco, it is highly valued for its nutritive, cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties. In cosmetics Argan Oil is used for it’s moisturising and nourishing properties, our hair mask claims to be –

Enriched with proteins and Keratin and infused with Argan Oil. It helps rebuild strength and restore elasticity. Argan Oil hair mask is specifically formulated to help improve texture and manageability, leaving hair looking healthy and shiny. For all hair types. 

Sounds too good to be true for a little tub that cost a quid? Well I have been putting it to the test!

Picture 714

The hair mask has quite a thick consistency and feels really creamy which is certainly a plus. It doesn’t have a particular scent to it apart from the classic whiff of the argan oil but it’s not off putting by any means.

You need to apply it to your hair after you’ve shampoo’d and ideally your hair shouldn’t be too damp, it does say to towel dry your hair to take out most of the moisture before you apply this, however I just gave my hair a good ringing out and I felt this was adequate.

Applying this was rather easy and even though my hair is rather long I didn’t have to use a lot of product to ensure my hair was coated evenly. It’s recommended to allow it 7-10 minutes to sink in and work it’s magic so continue with your shower/bathing routine and forget about it for awhile.

After a good rinsing my hair felt soft and nourished, it then recommends you can go on to condition your hair but personally unless your hair is like a scarecrow’s I would leave it at that. I personally didn’t continue on to condition, after my hair was dry it was soft, manageable and had some degree of shine to it, there was no overbearing fragrance which I find a positive and to top it all off the effects of this hair mask continued for a couple of days after use.

Even after a couple of days I still felt my hair was more manageable and softer then usual.

I am very happy with this discovery and have even bought another to give as a gift. If you’re looking for an affordable way to treat your hair then look no further!

Have you tried this product?

Much Love x

Embracing Autumn

3 Sep

Hello wonderful readers. Are you in as much shock as me? It’s September already!! I will say in total cliché style that I don’t know where the year has gone. We’ve had a lovely summer and us English roses were very fortunate to have a heat wave in July.

Speaking of waves, it’s now time to start waving goodbye to our summer wardrobes, unless you’re jetting off in the next couple of months for a last ditch week of sunshine you lucky beggars! 


Image Source

This summer was all about embracing the new; pastels, prints, brights, and well colour… to my mono-boring clothing collection. I very happily adopted lots of new make-up, nail polishes, clothes, accessories and two kittens. Now it’s getting colder my mind is shifting to; snoods, boots, hot chocolate, coats and everything else in the quest for warmth.

However I still want to add some new so this is all about embracing Autumn.

I usually love wines, plums, warm greys and blacks and I picked a few items to mirror this in an outfit i’d wear back to college or university.


My essentials clothing wise is the ability to layer clothes. Wearing some black ‘boyfriend jeans’, a short sleeved wine jumper with a ‘peter pan’ collar and warm grey ‘waterfall’ cardigan. I like to turn to warmer, richer colours and these reflect some items that would turn my head in a shop. The Jeans are multifunctional as is the cardigan.


Teaming with some classic Doc Martin boots and a novelty bobble hat. I love my hats, I have a small knitted horde of them they’re cute, comfy and practical in the colder months which is perfect for me as I get ear ache very easily. The boots will be a great companion for my warm tootsies all I need is some fluffy thermal socks!


Keeping all your supplies handy in a black leather crossover bag, lets face it us girls like to carry around a lot of crap. Double that if you’re going to college or university as you have books and supplies and all sorts! A big bag for me is a necessity and I really like this one as it plays on the school satchel style. As far as the ring goes, who doesn’t like a statement pieces of jewellery.

My make-up palette will consist of browns, coppers, plums, berry reds and blacks. Here is some of my wishlist items.

images (6)LastingFinishMatte_PRODUCT_01chocolate-boxke--sugarplum124

I really want to pick up the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk, followed by the infamous Kate Moss Lipsticks in the shades 107 & 111, I will be purchasing the MUA Chocolate Box shadow trio and the Sugar Plum Kohl Liner by Sleek – look at the swatch! So pretty!

What are your autumn essentials this year?

Much Love x


The Skincare Tag

29 Aug

Super chuffed to have been tagged for this! A massive thank you to Katie Flint for tagging me! She’s a super awesome gal who blogs about bits and bobs over on The Minted Beauty. Check her out and give her a hug as she’s embarking on a 100 Day Spending Ban – Good luck to you girl! 

The Skin Care Tag

Picture 712

My skin care gang and the products i’m currently using and abusing on the quest for the crystal clear complexion are:

Sudocrem Used in hospitals and dubbed the magic healing cream, Differin Cream Prescription acne cream for the days they just won’t shift!,  L’Oreal Paris Micellar Water Love this stuff reviewed hereAnatomicals Facial Spritz Great pick me up spray, Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Purifying Mask Love slapping this on when my skin is a little lack lustre a mini review hereSt Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub staple daily facial scrub, Soap & Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser my deep cleanse saviour, Simple Daily Light Moisturiser Light and soaks in beautifully. 

Describe your skincare routine in five words..

Fighting Against The Evil Acne.

What’s your skin type?

Oily / Combination with some lovely hormonal acne that can be seen around the jawline and on the chin area, some large pores and scarring from the evil arch enemy.

What’s your favourite skincare product?

Currently I would say my Soap & Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser. It smells beautiful and is a pleasure to work into the skin, then seeing all the ickyness and makeup grossness come off with the muslin cloth is rather satisfying. Love a good deep cleanse.

Top blemish zapper? 

I would have to say the Sudocrem is severely underrated as a zit zapper. It doesn’t make them disappear instantly without a trace but it does soothe my skin considerably, reduces the redness and swelling of the surrounding area and shrink the spot with a few applications.

Face wipes, yay or nay? 

I used to be a religious face wipe user but let’s face it, I was being darn lazy! Despite my face feeling clean and all visible traces of make-up being removed there was always residue and muck left. I was actually advised that face wipes do the opposite job and grind the make-up and dirt into your skin. Since then, definitely a NAY!!!

Toner, yay or nay? 

I don’t use toner in my routine currently, not to say that I don’t have some tucked away in my drawer somewhere. I used to use the Simple Toner and found it very drying and stripped a lot of my natural oils and moisture. I think that if you cleanse properly then you shouldn’t need to use a toner, but it’s personal preference.

High end skincare or high end makeup?

I would have to hands down say High End Skincare, purely down to the fact that make-up is good at masking imperfections but you have to live with the face underneath. Taking care of my skin doesn’t make me recoil in horror when I see myself in the mirror on a morning!

What’s the most unusual skincare product you’ve tried?

I think the most unusual skin care product has been a home made pore strip which worked a treat but hurt like hell to get off!

You’re in a French pharmacy and can only pick one item – what is it?

I would have to say Bioderma of course. I think that’s a given!

Tell us your top skincare tip.

My top skin care tip would be, don’t squeeze if you can resist! I thought that if I wasn’t too vigorous when I squeezed that spot it wouldn’t scar. WRONG I am left with large pores and scarring that won’t fade or heal. It’s one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t have someone telling me to take better care of my skin when I was in my teen years. Look after what you have!

Much Love x

Budget Beauty #1 – Natural Collection Blusher

29 Aug

Welcome back lovelies! Some of you may or may not know that I am re-entering the scary world of education in 3 weeks time! Eeek!! That’s right, i’m off to university which means student lifestyle and budgeting….sad times. 

With all that in mind, I have decided that I really need to embrace my thrifty side and seek out all things beauty that will fit into my shoe-string budget.

For the wedding last month, I was on the hunt for a new blusher. Now I know what you’re thinking, I say budget blusher, you say Sleek right? Let’s face it, it was first to my mind also. However they’re £4.99, not breaking the bank I know and they’re super pigmented for the price but I thought I would try do one better.

One of the make-up counters I always seem to walk past in Boots is the Natural Collection counter. This is Boot’s own brand of make-up and if I summed it up in 3 words from first impressions it would be cheap, unattractive and unimpressive. However I have eaten humble pie as far as this brand is concerned.

Natural Collection – Blushed Cheeks – Peach Melba

The first thing I would like to say about this blusher is the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. It’s in the same faux pas category as the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush packaging – not pretty. However for the very attractive price of £1.99 I am so willing to look past that, after all never judge a book by it’s cover!

Picture 708

The blusher is available in 4 different shades, each all a variation of a pinky nude: Peach Melba, Rosey Glow, Pink Cloud & Dusky Pink. I chose Peach Melba as the initial swatch seemed to compliment the warm undertones in my skin. Since I purchased this I have not used another blusher! I am incredibly fair skinned and I often find most blush looks really awful on me, it either doesn’t suit my skin, doesn’t blend well or looks cakey!

Picture 709

This blush creates a really natural glow that sits really softly on the skin, it is well pigmented so you don’t need a lot to create the desired effect but it’s easily build-able so it would suit darker skin tones too!

Picture 710


Have you tried any of the Natural Collection range before? What other beauty budget brands would you recommend?

Much Love x

P.S Generally there is an offer with this range to buy any 3 products for £5.00! Definitely reason to go investigate! x

The Sunshine Award

24 Aug

Hello Lovelies.

I am so blessed to have been nominated for a Sunshine Award. The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers who ‘brighten your day’ and ‘inspire’ you to grow your blog and blossom as a blogger.

To think that anyone thinks of me and my little blog in that way is truly touching and I have to give a lot of thanks to Kayleigh from Ruffles and Rabbits for sending me this nomination.

I really love Kayleigh’s blog. she has her own quirky style and posts regular ramblings about her day to day life and rabbit Karl. She’s a fellow geekette after my own heart and I love her tattoos! Please go pay her a visit for if you’re looking for something refreshing to read.

Onto the rules of The Sunshine Award

The rules do differ slightly, depending on who’s nominated you and what they’ve asked you to do so here is what has been handed down from Kayleigh –

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you 

2. Post the award logo on your blog

3. Nominate 5 blogs that you love

4. Share seven facts about yourself

Seven Facts About LittleRed

  1. The name behind the blogger is Elinor, not many people spell it correctly as it’s not the most common spelling of this name. Some members of my family don’t even know how to spell it and i’ve often got different variations on christmas and birthday card every year! People call me Ellie or El or even Eli.
  2. I was born into a mormon family and raised in the church till I was around 13/14 when I decided that I wanted to make my own decisions in life. I still am grateful for a lot of the morals, standards and ideals that the church taught me but I do like a glass of vino.
  3. I really love The Legend of Zelda. I played a lot of video games when I was younger (and still do!) and The Legend of Zelda was the first RPG (Role Playing Game) that I really got into and loved. The first title I played from this series was The Ocarina of Time and that is still probably my favourite with The Twilight Princess coming a close second. I still have not completed Skyward Sword (hate the controls :(!! – i’ll get around to it i’m sure!).
  4. I have one tattoo which I got in August 2012. This is symbolic to me in many ways, and is completely unique. Something along the lines of ” The one who had the key to my heart had to leave and get his wings, but the key isn’t completely out of reach for the right person”.
  5. I have a birth mark that is shaped like a fish. I call it ‘Sharky’.
  6. I really want to visit Egypt. I have always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt and all it’s history. If I had the brains and grades I would have probably gone into Egyptology. It was a childhood dream to discover Cleopatra’s tomb.
  7. I have an unhealthy obsession with books. I love all books that are art, literature, history & design I one day will have a library in my own house full of a sophisticated collection of books and a comfy chair I can curl up and read away a good few hours.

So there we have seven slightly random facts about your truly.

My Nominations

It’s incredibly hard to pick just five blogs that I feel deserve this award nomination. I’ve met so many wonderful people and stumbled across great blogs that this is a really hard decision. The blogs I find myself going back to time and time again are –

  1. Nora Lilly from Hello You Blog.  I find her fashion sense quirky and cute I love she shares her art and photography I find it incredibly inspiring and interesting. I visit her blog to enjoy her OOTD posts with her clever song titles. I often find myself scrolling through her archives to read her wistful way with words and see her wonderful pictures. She does amazing little caricatures of bloggers and I really secretly hope she’ll do more soon! I truly heart this young lady.
  2. Megan from Little Miss Average.  Megan is a really lovely lady! She’s so welcoming, open, warm and friendly that she’s definitely one of my rays of blogger sunshine. She blogs about all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle and I love that you read her blog posts and you feel instantly like a life long friend. She’s not been on the blogger’s scene all too long but she has blossomed so much in that time i’m sure i’m not the only one who really enjoys her blog.
  3. Hayley Russell from Water Painted Dreams. I love that she just blogs about her passions. She adores reading and books which definitely is a girl after my own heart! She takes lovely photos on her blog and I actually love watching her Youtube videos, girl crush on her accent! ❤
  4. Bethany Worrall from Bethany Worrall. Her personality pours through her posts, I really like her fashion sense and follow her OOTD posts. She also does quite a few haul posts which I totally love! All round she’s lovely and bubbly.
  5. Sophia from Tattooed Tealady. Sophia is very well established as a blogger but she’s incredibly down to earth and I love her style. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks and why and that kind of honesty is refreshing. She posts about some lovely things and I look up to her.

I urge you to check all of these blogs out if you’re unfamiliar with them or not. I love all these ladies.

Much Love x

Recipe #1 – Key Lime Pie

24 Aug

Hi lovelies, it’s the last bank holiday of the year and in traditional British style it’s overcast, grey and raining but that’s fine with me. I have been so so busy of late it’s nice to just sit still for 5 minutes and stop my head from spinning. Since our friends wedding I attended my first bloggers event which you can read all about here.

I have also had several job interviews and assessments, agency appointments, I applied for university so i’ve also had the absolute pleasure of sorting out UCAS and Student Finance. Throw in a mix of the vets, family visits, food shopping and pitching in for a few shifts at the local you have an idea of the chaotic mix of the last two/three weeks.

To unwind,  I sometimes let my domestic goddess stretch her culinary skills… nah who am I kidding?! but I do love to bake. I don’t seem to get the chance as much anymore, partly because I hate to face the clean up carnage afterwards.

My latest creation was from a recipe given to me by a friend. She had made it for us in the past and it’s super tasty and very more-ish.

Key Lime Pie

Picture 678

Here is a list of the ingredients you will need to make my version of Key Lime Pie, not too complicated! The picture below shows you the brands I used. You don’t have to use these particular ones, these were just what my local shop stocked.

Picture 681

Here is an idea of the equipment I used, I love this recipe as it’s minimal washing up! All you need is a large mixing bowl, a wooden spoon or spatula, a flan dish for your Key Lime Pie (as I didn’t have one, the good old Pyrex did the trick!), a juicing tool thingymabob is useful but I don’t have one and just used a fork.
Picture 682

Step One

Take your Ginger Nut biscuits and place them into a freezer or sandwich bag. This will help contain the mess as you bash the hell out of them. Take a rolling pin or like me a rubber mallet (random to have in the kitchen yes, it’s from our camping gear – honest!) and begin to carefully break the biscuits until you have crumbs and small to medium chunks for your base.

Picture 684

Step Two

Take your butter in a small pan on a medium to high heat until it’s melted completely. Pour into your bashed biscuit crumbs and mix together. The melted butter will bind the crumbs and hold the base of the Key Lime Pie together.

Picture 704

Pat the mixture into the bottom of your flan dish and press down so it’s firm and then set aside for the next step.

Step Three

Take your cream cheese in the large mixing bowl and add the condensed milk. This step takes quite a while as you need to ensure that your mixture is lump free. So i’m afraid it’s just a case of mixing, mixing mixing.

Picture 706

This is quite a tedious part of the recipe but believe me, you don’t want any lumps of cream cheese in your finish Key Lime Pie!

Step Four

Time to squeeze and zest your limes! You can save yourself some time on this and have the correct tools to do the job as I didn’t! Picture 705

All I did was roll the limes on my chopping board before cutting them in half. This helps to loosen things up inside so hopefully you get more juice out of your limes! Zest them before juicing! Believe me it’s easier and then once cut in half I stabbed them a bit with the prongs of my fork and used my owl mug to collect the juices.

Rinse and repeat with all 5 limes.

Once you have all your juice and zest required, add it to the cream cheese mixture, don’t worry that it immediately looks like it’s separating, just continue to mix till combined.

Step Five

Time to put the whole thing together! Pour the mixture over the biscuit base and smooth with the back of your spoon.

Time to put the whole thing into the fridge and allow it setting time of around 2 and a half to 3 hours.

Picture 707Once chilled and set, I like to serve it with a drizzle of single cream. I find it’s not rich or too creamy as the lime cuts through to give it a pleasant tangy taste. It’s nice and cleansing after a big meal or just as a stand alone treat.

Picture 677

Either way if you try my recipe, please let me know how it turns out! i’d love to see your photos and hear your reviews.

Much Love and happy baking! xx

Guest Post – Fashion On A Budget: Forever 21 Jewellery

24 Aug

Hello everyone. My name is Hayley and I normally blog at Water Painted Dreams but today I’m writing a little guest post to introduce you to my new love: Forever 21. I know that there isn’t a Forever 21 in every city but one opened quite recently in Glasgow and it’s my new love. Even if there isn’t one near you then they have a website where you can shop online! I was impressed by the sheer size of the Glasgow store, never mind the items. It’s 3 massive stories of just clothes, shoes, and jewellery.


Now I’m more of a beauty blogger but I do try my hardest to put together nice outfits. But one thing that I really struggle with is jewellery. The trends in jewellery change more often than with clothes, and a necklace from Topshop can cost a small fortune. I also think that Primark jewellery isn’t worth the low prices because they break and often look quite tacky. Enter Forever 21.

Both of these items were £3.15 which I would say is a middle ground on the price. And yet they’re extremely well made. I really love the earrings because they look really classy and the white ones go with just about everything. This set also came in white, red and black which would be great for a/w. But my favourite piece has to be the joy necklace. I love the aqua colour of the lettering and it’s a great reminder to appreciate the smaller things in life(even if it does look like ‘you’ if you look at it in the mirror). The jewellery starts from about £1.50 for smaller pieces and granted more ‘statement’ pieces get a lot more expensive but I feel that they are very good quality for money. I’ll definitely be back.

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Bloggers Love Event

16 Aug

A few weeks ago I had an email drop in my into my inbox from Bloggers Love asking me to attend an event in London. I was literally so overwhelmed to be asked to my first event especially after only being a few months old as a blogger.

I was incredibly nervous about going and not knowing anyone, so I arranged to meet Lorilee from Lorilee’s London so we could attend together! She was so lovely and met me at Euston Train station as I wasn’t overly confident where I was going…seriously I could get lost in a dead end street. 

On a walk through London to Leicester Square I got to marvel at the sight of Tottenham Court Road & Oxford Street before we arrived at the venue. We met another lovely blogger Sophie from SOPHisticateXX and her friend Becky.

The event was to showcase two fabulous designers efforts, Angel Armogida & Nicola Crawford. Angel is an amazing evening wear designer take a look at her website here!  she had such a stunning little collection on show all of which were modelled by beautiful lads and ladies.

Picture 649

Here is a shot of her collection and unique pieces on display, all of which you could tell had been handmade with the uttermost love and attention to detail. I especially loved the Aurora dress that was displayed, such a sparkly spin on the classic ‘LBD’ even worthy of the ‘Blingaphobe’s’ wardrobe!

Picture 639Picture 638

After swooning over the evening wear and wishing I was a tad skinnier! I wandered over to see the jewellery by Nicola Crawford. I had researched this lady prior to this event and when I saw her collections on her website it was love at first sight. No joke!

I encourage you to check out her website here!!. Her pieces are wonderfully hand crafted and so intricate I especially loved her leaf rings as I adore nature inspired pieces. Her entire collection just sung a whimsical story that captured a touch of magic.

Here is a shot of a few of the pieces on display. The detail as you can see is second to none.

Picture 642

Being a keen jewellery maker myself I was so inspired by her work. Definitely a designer I will be keeping an eye on!

Aside from a fab fashion show and gorgeous jewellery Bloggers Love also provided some amazing cupcakes and free manicures. The view from the venue was snapshot perfect and I was totally in love with the whole evening.

Here are a few other snaps from my evening –

Picture 631

Cupcakes & Table Centre Pieces.

Picture 634

The lovely Lorilee enjoying her manicure! She was so lovely I felt very honoured to meet her.

Picture 636

Gift Bags for all the attendees – each had the cutest little silver key charm inside which I have happily adopted.

Picture 656

Picture 637

The view from The Penthouse – The London Eye & Big Ben! I was such a tourist, I have been to London several times but have never seen these two iconic London attractions – i’m such a saddo!

Picture 641

A picture of my manicure which was done by http://www.fourfingersonethumb.co.uk/ such a lovely lady! My OPI Nails in Paprika were perfect!

Picture 640

Here are the ladies at work on Sophie and Becky’s nails. Another two fab ladies that I met!

Would just like to thank Bloggers Love for inviting me and for the two designers for showing their talent.

Much Love x



The Week #4 – Cornwall

12 Aug

Picture 618

A beautiful view from our hotel window! Lots of small fishing boats bobbing up and down in the early morning breeze. Falling asleep and being woken up to the sound of the rolling tide was heaven. I made my other half promise we could move to the coast one day.

Picture 615

We spent a day in the idyllic harbour town of Looe, here I had my first lessons in crabbing and had the most amazing double chocolate fudge clotted cream icecream…heart attack on a cone but very tasty!

Picture 602Inside Polhawn Fort decorated for the wedding reception! A stunning seaside theme of blues and ivories, pearls and shells. Personalised rock wedding favours and pebble place names. 
Picture 605T
he bride being given away down the aisle, happy anticipating smiles. She looked absolutely radiant all day. A real example and inspiration that true love does exist for us all.  Picture 600The pre wedding hog roast feast. A lovely family & friends get together. A chance to meet new people in the gardens of the fort. Picture 593

Stunning views framed by Buddleia. I love the dreamy cornish coastline.
Picture 592

More gorgeous views from Polhawn Fort in Cornwall. The gardens were really beautiful for photos. The ocean was really clear and clean.

Picture 587

Parker insisting everyone play with him whilst we’re all getting pampered at our girly party. Bless him don’t think he fancied a manicure.

Picture 585

The perils of being pasty pale! I was out for 3 hours, it was cloudy & breezy NOT sunny. Even so I ended up like a tomato.Picture 582

Round the corner from our hotel was another little shingle cove. Such pretty scenery.Picture 580

A rusty anchor that served it’s duty. Lots of bits like this decorated the streets and back lanes. Picture 581

Pink daisies so bright and pretty. All the flowers seemed to be much more colourful in Cornwall.Picture 579

The higgldi – piggldi streets full of multi coloured cottages, bunting and teenagers with attitude…Picture 577Another shot of our coast line out of our hotel window. The local ferry taking people to Plymouth & back.

I  hope you enjoyed these snaps of my week in Cornwall! Wish I was still there!! xx

The hunt is over – Makeup & wedding

3 Aug

I feel like i’ve been out of touch for years and i’ve only had a week away! However my lovelies if you’ve been following my post series titled ‘The Hunt is On’ you’ll know where i’ve been!

Some friends of ours were getting married in Cornwall and invited us along for a weeks worth of preparations and celebrations! I had the dress, shoes, hair and accessories all sorted. So was feeling pretty confident that nothing much could go wrong!

On the day of the wedding I started off by exfoliating and giving my face a deep cleanse and a moisturise. My hair i’d washed the day before so it was clean but already had loose waves in from sleeping on it damp. I started my hair off by curling it with large barrelled straighteners and setting with hair spray as I went. After that I braided a section of hair by my temples and started to sweep it to the side to pin in place for my boho up-do.

It took a lot more effort and patience this time! My hair was a lot smoother and cleaner then the previous attempt so it was a bit more rebellious!

Picture 567

After the hair was completed, I went onto the makeup for the day! Here is what I ended up taking…

Picture 574


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 100 Ivory// Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in Light Vanilla 51// Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent// Benefit High Beam highlighter// GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer// Bourjois Bronzing Powder in 51// Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Peach Melba// Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1.Picture 575

Sleek Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Au Natural 601// Benefit Instant Brow Pencil in Light to Medium// Natural Collection Clear Mascara// Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Black// Markwins Eyeshadow Palette in 00512// Mememe Cosmetics Dew Pot in Silk Dust 11// Topshop Engraved Magic Liner in Black.Picture 576

Makeup Bag Past Times// Revlon Super Lustrious Lipgloss in Kiss Me Coral// Fraulein Spoolie Brush// Revlon Shadow Contour Brush// Real Techniques Stippling Brush// QVS Stippling Brush// Dirty Works Eyeliner Brush// Dirty Works Smoky Eye Duo Brush. 

First step was to prime my skin, for this I used the GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer. After applying that liberally to my face and neck and letting it settle I went straight in with my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation. I wanted a semi matte/dewy finish and I think this lasts slightly better on my skin out of the two choices I took. I buffed that in to my skin with my new Real Techniques Stippling brush and after that just touched up any other imperfections with my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer.

Picture 626

After creating a flawless canvas I started with the eyes. I applied a base using the Mememe Cosmetics Dew pot to give my eyeshadow staying power and longevity. I applied my all over lid colour and the crease colour as so… I then started to blend the crease colour using a windscreen wiper motion until all the harsh lines disappeared. Carrying on applying colour then blending to create the desired gradient and depth I groomed my brows and applied mascara.

Picture 628Time to sort out the cheeks! As i’d caught the sun quite considerably on the first day there I wanted to bring some warmth to my complexion. Using Bourjois Bronzing Powder I swept this lightly across my cheek and back into my hair line. This helped define my freckles and brought the desired bronze glow. I picked up a blusher from Natural Collection before I went away and used this to bring a flush of colour to the apples of the cheeks. Finally I highlighted my brow bone and the highpoint of my cheekbone using High Beam from Benefit.

Picture 625


Finally the lips got love from my new favourite Lip Gloss from Revlon Kiss Me Coral!

Picture 627I hope you like how I did my makeup for the big event! I went for quite a neutral palette in the end to not take away from the amount of colour I was wearing! A snap of me and my fella from just after the ceremony! Please excuse my brolly in the shot but if you look at the weather behind us you’ll understand!

See how sunburnt we are! This is not actually a very flattering photo. Oh and just to give you a giggle, I was so taped into this dress that it took nearly an hour to get out of it!!!

Picture 619

Finally a lovely shot of the happy couple! Didn’t they both look gorgeous!

Picture 606

Much Love x


Date Night Collaboration – The Outfit

28 Jul

Ladies and Gents, I am here to proudly present a blog collaboration first. Hot date coming up? Sit back and relax because we’ve got it covered right here. Allow me to introduce my fellow blog collaborators and hot date gurus…

Get your complexion as bright as a button with Lilliwhiterose and her hot date skincare tips over on http://www.bloglovin.com/frame?post=1357611019&group=0&frame_type=b&blog=8272145&link=aHR0cDovL2xpdHRsZXJlZDI2LndvcmRwcmVzcy5jb20vMjAxMy8wNy8yOC9kYXRlLW5pZ2h0LWNvbGxhYm9yYXRpb24v&frame=1&click=0&user=0

Don’t have a meltdown over your manicure! Let Katie calm your nerves over on http://curledfantasies.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/first-date-collaboration-the-nails/comment-page-1/#comment-124

For a masterclass in hot date makeup let me direct you to Amy over on http://amysannex.blogspot.ie/2013/07/date-night-collaboration.html

Tame your tresses and style it up with Megan over on http://www.littlemissaverage.com/2013/07/late-night-date-night-collaboration.html

If you’re looking for inspiration for the perfect outfit, look no further. I have searched high and low for ideas to bring together, if the outfit is not completely to your taste I hope it will spark ideas on how to adapt it and style it your own way.

Lots of trends have been seen this year and I have been loving all things nautical and monochrome. These trends are incredibly versatile and I have personally several pieces in my wardrobe that I can dress up or down for the office or for the weekends. Slowly i’ve been trying to introduce bright colours into my black and white land so I hope you enjoy what i’ve put together for you.


As you can see i’ve gone for a nautical monochrome mix with the dress. This particular one can be picked up from Missguided  at the  bargain price of £19.99. I personally love the versatility of this dress, great for casual days with cute sandals and a tote bag and of course the mandatory oversized sunnies or in this case, dressed up with heals and pretty accessories for the wowza impact on your hot date!

I have opted for a biker style gilet as I think it’s nice and edgy against the heals and dress! I always worry about taking something to wear for extra warmth, this could easily be tucked in your bag or worn open. This particular gilet is from Miss Selfridge and can be picked up here .

I  have paired this combo with some simple peep toe shoes. Not too high but enough to make your legs and butt an eye magnet! I have opted for a pop of colour to break up the black and white theme. You could swap these for any colour of your choice, pink, red even pastel shades would work great! These particular shoes are from the brand Bata and can be purchased here!


To emphasis the colour I have opted for turquoise accessories! If you’ve read my other accessories post you’ll see that turquoise and me are very good friends!  The collar necklaces seem to be a good statement piece one that would sit lovely atop the dress above. I personally don’t like to overkill on jewellery! I think it’s nice to follow the whole less is more saying. I have just opted for a leather bracelet and collar necklace. If you’re interested in the collar necklace check out this link! The leather bracelet is simple but cute, check it out here. 

Last but not least! A girl can never have too many handbags, I have searched high and low for one that would match, da dudu da!


Beautiful. After finding this I have purchased one myself as I love it! I found it here , dressy but practical it’s big enough for all your clobber but smart enough to sit under your arm. Your date will be bowled over, he won’t know what hit him. I hope you’ve enjoyed our collaboration!

From each of us, much love to you all x

The Hunt is on – Hair.

21 Jul

My mop. Destined to be unruly and rebellious since 1988. Even at 25 I have not yet mastered it, usually I let it do what it wants because most of the time I can work the bed head boho look, but sometimes, just sometimes to be able to style it would be beautiful.

Throughout this post series i’ve been scouring the corners of the internet and local ish shops to find the perfect wedding guest ensemble in just 6 weeks. So far we have the accessories narrowed down (help me pick here), we have the shoes!! and we have the dress (and what a beaut she is!) if you’re interested in how this madness began click here!

Anyway onto the taming of the tresses! Summer hair trends are beautiful aren’t they? I love the boho vibe, natural and sexy this is definitely the way I want to go hair wise for this wedding. I have been scouring Pinterest for inspiration and found so many gorgeous styles but the one thing i’d be longing to try was the ombre trend. I know,  I know it’s been done to death but I wanted to add a twist to mine that I hadn’t seen before! I wanted a redhead ombre!

Picture 547

I had my hair ombred a few weeks ago and I am so so so pleased with the result! I really didn’t want bleach blonde at the tips as on some people it can look incredibly unflattering and unnatural. I had the bleach applied to backcombed hair so it gave a softer gradient effect. Then after this had done its work a toner and copper top colour put on. Five long hours later my tresses have never looked  better.

I have thought long and hard about how to style my hair for the actual day. Usually my hair style choices include; down, ponytail or a twist bun. Exciting right? So fed up of styling it in the same three ways. I desperately want to master a new hair style and keeping in the theme of things a boho updo would be wonderful, although ambitious.

Scouring Pinterest for inspiration I fell in love with these visuals.


A really pretty updo with big side plat wrapped and pinned into a bun. I think this is really pretty and topped off with a hair band it would be wonderful to wear to a wedding however I really cannot french plat my hair to save my life. Something I really need to practice!


This is similar to the one above except a looser messier version, I love it! The flowers add a nice touch with the odd curl and fly away section of hair. I will give this a go but again I will struggle with the braid. 362d17f9b03e424fb276d5495d304453All images sourced from Pinterest

I really love the messy beach / boho vibe I am a proper wild child at heart. I have really naturally thick hair so it’s going to be a struggle to not use all the bobby pins in Britain to contain my mane but I had a go! My attempt to recreate a version of all the above pictures in one. Naturally I won’t be able to replicate this exact hair on the day but I am much more confident in attempting a boho hairstyle.

Please excuse my lack of makeup in these pictures, makeup on Sundays is banned for me unless we have somewhere to go! I will of course attempt to conceal the bobby pins better on the day but you hopefully get the gist of what i’m after achieving. This took me around 20 minutes to do.

Picture 569

Picture 566Picture 563

Assuming you’re not cowering in terror behind the nearest cushion at my naked face then thank you kindly for bearing these pictures!

Hope you all like the hair, messy yes but i’m so chuffed I managed something that looks half way decent.

Much Love x

Beauty Blogger Tag

21 Jul

Very excited to be doing my first tag post! I have lots of love and thanks go give to Katie from http://beautyandthebakerblog.blogspot.co.uk/ if you don’t know this blog go on and take a peek now, i’ll wait for you………… are you back now? Ok brill!

Right then so onto this tag! Now this is my first time, i’m a little nervous so take it easy on me please 😉

1. Name a beauty routine you barely do.

I rarely groom my eyebrows. Purely because I have had the plucking life scared out of me (see what I did there, ha!) by seeing my older sisters over pluck to that trendy 90’s fine line. My eyebrow hairs are really fair rather pale and sickly looking (poor dears) and if I over trim or pluck I look like I barely have anything there! I try to keep them to a defined shape but my brows scare me!

2. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?

I am better at washing them then I used to be! My old trick was to wipe them on a baby wipe or similar and reuse them. I thought this was acceptable, *holds out wrist for a slapping*… NOT anymore however! although I should wash them more regularly, I definitely wash them correctly now. A serious step in the right direction!

3. How long will you last with chipped nail varnish?

On average around 5 seconds. After this I start chipping away at it as it’s the most satisfying feeling ever, terrible for your nails so don’t you guys do it!

4. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it (i.e., top coat, foundation and so on)?

It depends what it is! I am terrible at replacing mascara even when it starts to dry up I will continue to use it way past the recommended shelf life! Some things i’m good with though and I will buy them just before the old runs out and dies so there is no gap in between… I wished I was this organised with all things in life…

5. What is your worst beauty habit?

Picking spots (eeeewwww) I just can’t help it though, I tell myself it will help it disappear quicker if I pick at it – sigh.

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time.

Cleaning the oven. Hands up who likes cleaning the oven? I hate it… even Mr Muscle doesn’t make me want to get to it. It’s definitely one thing I will procrastinate on over and over and over again.

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?

I absolutely hate being rushed! However if I give myself too much time to think about what makeup to wear or how to style my hair I get in a fluster!! I like to take a hour all in all to get dressed, hair, makeup & nails. I think that’s acceptable? Right?…

8. Can you commit to spending bans?

Hmmm yes and no. I realise that sometimes money can be rather tight, bills, food and necessities need to be prioritised so when I have my sensible head on I can save and not spend. However I do get those days where I am just feeling a little deflated and a trip to the high street is just the remedy required. I think you have to treat yourself now and again; A) because you’re worth it and B) because it doesn’t hurt now and again.

9. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collections? 

My makeup is split up. I have a makeup bag with all my everyday essentials in and a larger bag with the rest of my collection. My nail polishes all live an an old Converse box – I really would like to organise them better.

10. What is the longest time you’ve gone without writing a blog post? 

I have tried to slow down between blog posts a little, purely because I don’t want to post for the sake of it and for the quality of what I write to become less. I try to post 2/3 times a week but lately this has been more like 1/2 times.

Right my lovelies thank you for reading my first tag post! I hope you enjoyed my rambles and now onto my blogs to tag!






Love you all x

My first giveaway!

16 Jul

Hello Beauties,

So I have reached a few little milestones with my blog despite being so new I have achieved over 150 twitter followers, over 50 blog followers and over 25 Bloglovin followers which is a massive deal to me! I want to thank each and everyone of you so I decided to host a little giveaway.

I am going to be giving away a bespoke handmade necklace, made my by fair hands.

Picture 252

It consists of upcycled & reclaimed beads and chains from old unloved jewellery. It has Rose Quartz beads and a cute antique key charm. I have made this all by hand and would love to give it away to one of my readers.

Picture 253

I will ship internationally so please feel free to share my giveaway to your friends for them to enter! The giveaway will close at the end of this month – best of luck xx

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Liebster Awards

15 Jul

I cannot believe I am writing another Liebster Award post! I was so chuffed the first time I was nominated but since I have been completely overwhelmed because I have been nominated a further four times! Totally gobsmacked but I want to thank all of you who have nominated and everyone who stops by my little blog. Massive love xx

The lovely ladies who nominated me are –

Shona from http://www.shonaelizabeth.blogspot.co.uk/

Suz from http://bloosieslife.blogspot.co.uk/

Steph from http://stephaniemaverick.blogspot.co.uk/

Katie from http://curledfantasies.wordpress.com/

Before you read on I urge you to go and pay each of these beauts a visit as they all have fabulous blogs and I feel very lucky to have them in my little blogging world, they’ll rock yours promise! xx

As I have been asked similar questions by each lovely lady i’ll condense the ones that are the same or similar to make the post less of a bore 😉 x

Down to the questions –

Asked by Shona

1. Did you have an inspiration to start blogging? if yes, who? (Asked by Shona & Suz)
I didn’t really have any blogging inspiration, I had heard of some successful beauty bloggers but really mine started because I just wanted somewhere to release my ramblings. I didn’t have a particular subject I wanted to blog about just anything that interested me.
2. If you could travel to one place right now, where would you go?
I would say the beach. I love a nice sandy beach, one I can dig my toes in the sand take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery and just recharge my batteries!
3. Favourite flavour of ice cream?
Just one?! ooooh…. I really love mint choc chip – it’s a classic right?
images (3)
4. Favourite handbag item?
Aside from the obvious I always carry a notepad and or sketchbook. If inspiration strikes then I have the tools to capture it or scribble my mad idea down before I forget it! I love doodling and writing notes / lists so these are actually as essential as my purse and phone.
5. Sun or Snow?
Can a girl have both? I love the sunny weather but as i’m pale the sun can effect me a little too easily if i’m not careful but the snow is fun to muck around in and look at!
6. Favourite type of shoes?
I am a boots kind of girl, you can get casual ones or dressy ones, ankle, mid calf, knee high or thigh high boots. So many options, so little wardrobe space…
7. Bold eyes or bold lips?
I struggle to carry off bold lips so I would definitely go with eyes!
8. Favourite TV show?
I do love a bit of Come Dine With Me or Don’t Tell The Bride, these I have on series link so I always have a stash of episodes to watch!
9. Bath or shower?
Showers! They are so much more refreshing, I will relax in a bath if i’m having a bad time of the…ok i’ll stop there (you get the hint!)
10. Least favourite shop?
I hate…HATE the supermarket, especially on a weekend. People are rude, I always get my foot ran over and guaranteed I will get walked into..I am nearly 5ft 9″ am I really that hard to miss?!
11. Favourite colour nail polish?
This has got to be the hardest for me…I love (at the moment) pastel shades and I am currently wearing a lovely mint green from Rimmel.

Asked by Suz

1. Bourbon cream or custard cream?
Bourbon Cream, no doubt about it!
2. Camping or luxury hotel?
I haven’t had any good experiences camping so for now I will have to say luxury hotel! However I would love to have a good camping experience!
 3. What’s your favourite word?
Serendipity! It means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; a fortunate mistake. Specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it.
 4. What smell do you like the most?
I love the smell of fresh clean washing, fresh cut grass, my vanilla cupcake Yankee candle and my boyfriend’s aftershave.
 5.What’s the worst Christmas present you have ever received?
Haha. The worst present was a computer mouse. Yes that’s right I tried my best to look grateful (I was grateful…it’s a useful present! but when it’s all you have under the tree to open from your boyfriend it’s a bit…oh thanks) I still feel bad about it now! Sorry Rob! x
 6. Which is your favourite season?
I like Autumn, it’s pretty, colourful and still can be rather warmish.
 8. Laptop or desktop?
Desktop, I prefer being able to sit up straight when working at the computer!
 9. Bright colours or pastel colours? 
I am scared of a lot of bright colours so definitely pastels although these are new to me too!
10. What is your ideal day off? 
My ideal day off would be a good productive day, being somewhere I enjoy like the beach and feeling like i’d made a difference to someone that day.
11. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Salad. I could eat the stuff till the cows come home. I swear I was a rabbit in a previous life! x

Asked by Steph

1. If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be? e.g. home, your bed, on vacation. 
I would definitely be on holiday! Somewhere sunny 🙂
2. What’s your favourite lipstick? 
My current favourite is Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. Infact i’ve used it all up 😦
3. When it comes to eyeliner do you wing it, smoke it or not use it? 
I generally wing it when I wear it but it’s not often as it doesn’t last well on my oily lids!
4. Dragons or unicorns?
Dragons for sure!

“I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons, khaleesi to Drogo’s riders, and queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.”


5. If you could meet anyone in the world from any time period who would it be? e.g. Amelia Earhart, Tom Cruise.
 I would meet Cleopatra, get her to tell me where she is buried and then make the find of the century uncovering her tomb. Yes I love Egyptology.
6. Do you prefer your hair up or down?
I usually sling my hair up, I say sling that is quite an accurate description of what I do. Me and hair do not get on well.
7. On vacation of you wear dresses and skirts or jeans and shorts? 
Hmmm I haven’t been on a decent holiday for a few years now but I would say shorts for the daytime and dresses / skirts for the evening.
8. Sandals or flip-flops? 
 I love both and can’t possibly choose. Don’t make me 😦
9. What is your favourite feel-good summertime song right now? 
I love the new Will-I-Am Song ❤
11. What do you want to get out of blogging, where do you see yourself a year from now? 
I don’t want to get anything out of blogging really, I am happy whatever happens. It’s lovely that people are following me and enjoying my writings and if PR companies want to further work with me great but it’s still my ramblings,  nothing more. In a year I see myself applying to university and having just blogged about my year in college as a mature student and about my art.

Asked by Katie

1) What is your all-time favourite nail polish? Brand and colour! 

The common brand in my nail polish collection is Rimmel but I wouldn’t proclaim it the favourite.. I am loving the new Barry M Gelly Hi Shines! If I had to pick a colour it would be Prickly Pear!



2) If I were to give you £100 what would you spend it on?

I would probably take my other half out for a decent anniversary meal and date. ❤

3) What is your favourite high street store?

Primark. That’s right…I said it.

4) How would you describe your personal style?

If I had to describe it in 3 words it would be – Mixed, Comfy, Classic.

5) Top beauty/styling tip?

I would say that hygiene is really important, clean those makeup brushes girl!

6) What’s your favourite film?

Insert geek moment – Scott Pilgrim VS The World… I heart that film, so so so much.

images (4)

7) If you could visit anywhere in the world where would that be?

Egypt. I love the history and if I had the grades i’d of gone into Egyptology and Archaeology. x

8) What is your favourite meal?

Caramelised onion, roast cherry tomato and steak salad. Yum x

9) Do you have any siblings?

3 half sisters and a half brother.

10) What is your guilty pleasure? (This can be ANYTHING – food, tv, film…)

I love video games! World of Warcraft, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Skyrim, Fable…geeeeeek!

11) Where do you live? I love to know where my fellow bloggers are!

I live in Warwickshire in the United Kingdom 🙂


Right! Time to nominate some more wonderful bloggers and share the Liebster love!

I would like to nominate –

Mari @ http://themarimaskscara.blogspot.co.uk/

Katy @ http://gigglesandmakeup.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1

Steph @ http://scottishstefsnails.blogspot.co.uk/

Megan @ http://www.littlemissaverage.com/

Fifi @ http://fifimcgee.blogspot.co.uk/

Emma @ http://lifeispeachytales.blogspot.co.uk/

Jess @ http://coffeeandcosmetics.blogspot.co.uk/

Nora Lilly @ http://hello-you-blog.blogspot.co.uk/

Steph @ http://stephsinsidevoice.blogspot.co.uk/

Sazzle @ http://sazzle262.wordpress.com/

Not all of these ladies are beauty bloggers. They all have their own unique blogs which I love reading. Please check them out!

My questions to you all are –

Cat, Dog or Other Pet?

If you had to choose would you rather be blind or deaf?

What life motto do you live by?

Do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction?

What’s your go to skin care routine?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Describe your personality in 3 words?

What’s your chinese zodiac sign and does it describe you well?

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?


I hope you enjoyed my post and reading my answers to all the questions I was asked. I look forward to seeing my nominees answers Xx


A twist on ’50 Facts about me’

12 Jul

I have read so many ’50 facts about me’ posts lately, getting to know the blogger behind the ramblings is great so here is my contribution with a twist.

Everyone gets sentimental from time to time, people treasure memories and items for years and what looks like an old cinema stubb to you may have it’s own life story to someone else. Rather then share 50 random things about myself I wanted to open my keepsake box to you and share my sentimental stories.

Different I know and this won’t be to everyone’s taste but to me these are jigsaw pieces of my life’s puzzle.

Picture 561


This box hides away in my home, full of unrealised treasures to the untrained eye, to me, all I need to do is sort through its contents to remind myself how I got to where I am now and all the smiles along the way.

Picture 553

I love taking photographs. Simple things with so much value. I keep photographs of people i’ve loved and lost, old school friends, beloved pets, places I have traveled and the people I want to remember along the way.

The framed picture is myself and an old boyfriend, his photos remind me of the years we shared and his lust for life. He passed away from cancer nearly 3 and a 1/2 years ago but there isn’t a day goes by where I am not thankful for how he shaped my look on life. Old school friends and silly antics still make me smile, although most of these I am no longer in touch with these photos remind me of the only good years at high school I had. The photo at the back in the middle is of Ilfracombe in North Devon. I holidayed here most of my childhood and I have very fond memories of the place, this particular picture is bright and colourful which is how I remember most of my childhood holidays to be.

Myself at 17 and how skinny I was! Happy again on the beach in Devon, wearing a bikini top in England..shocking right? My first dog Putney, a cocker spaniel we rescued from the Bristol Dogs Home when I was 8, his fur was a similar colour to my hair when I was young so naturally at that age I was convinced we were related in some strange way.

Picture 554

Tickets from various gigs I have been to, a signed Good Food Show ticket by Jamie Oliver. Cards from my grandparents on my baptism day. I was born into a Mormon family at went to church for many years, although it’s not for me a lot of my family still are active in the Mormon community, I am grateful for a lot of the morals and ideals I was raised with as a member of the church. The train ticket from the day I met Rob (framed photo), one of the days i’ll remember for the rest of my life.

Picture 555

Reminding myself where i’ve been in life and where I want to go. My travel pack from Rome, this was my first time abroad and I loved visiting all the historic monuments I have read so much about. I bought rosary beads from outside the Vatican which I felt were a true souvenir from Italy.

My various jobs i’ve had over the years, I like to keep my name badges to remind myself of the work i’ve done and how it’s all helped me become the person I am today. A photo of my first boyfriend and I at our sixth form prom, his suit and tie were way too big and I felt so odd in a dress and heals but we still had a wonderful evening.


Picture 556

All the random things i’ve collected over the years, some meaningful some just fun. An old card wallet belonging to my mum, still has a few of her bits and pieces in along with an old family photo and some keepsake cards. My first MP3 player with all its original tracks on, this was one of the first things I bought with my part time job wages. An old coin found by my grandad years ago, confetti from my 18th birthday, badges I used to collect and clearly I loved Blink 182 as I thought Tom Delonge was god.  My university student card, I didn’t last long at uni but I still keep this to remind myself of that short journey. I am born in the year of the Dragon and the characteristics sum me up to a T.

A pen from Portsmouth, it rained so hard the day I was there and I was wearing flip-flops, I had the worst blisters that day. Five pound coins, this holder was my grandad’s and he always insisted in keeping it in his pocket separate to his wallet. It’s one of the only things I have of his and it might seem trivial but it still means a lot. The postcard at the bottom, my grandma sent to me as the girl on the front reminded her of me when I was a baba.

Picture 557

An old diary of the year 2004. Talking about being reunited with old friends, my first experience in having crushes and a boyfriend, the first ‘I Love You’s’ and many more memories. I laugh at my 16 year old self when I read this now. An old school book of my dad’s, his many doodles of ducks inside. My dad used to be quite artistic and had such a sense of humor. A fairy sketch I did, I always drew them fierce and empowering which was everything I was not!

Google in a nutshell, this was released when Google first materialised and I have kept it ever since.

Picture 558

It’s good to remind myself of where i’ve come from, I look at old photos of myself and wonder did I ever imagine where I would be now back then. Some things I could have predicted, most I wouldn’t have foreseen in my wildest dreams. I thought i’d always live in Bristol and have the same friends, I thought I would never put on anymore weight or grow the curves I wanted, I thought that my first boyfriend and I would be together forever and I certainly didn’t think i’d drop out of university.

Life is is full of surprises.

Picture 560

More random bits and pieces; my Mr Blobby t-shirt, my dad brought this home for me when I was young as I was really ill at the time but totally loved Mr Blobby. I still have this t-shirt, still filthy and aged 5 years. Angel cards, some things in my life that have happened have really made me question if there is something after we pass on. I wanted to find answers and comfort in them, although I still don’t know what is out there I do know I love the art work on these angel cards. My magic key for santa, a house with no chimney needs this key! How on earth will santa get in otherwise!! A childhood bracelet, one of the first pieces of jewellery I owned and I still have it today – a silver teddy bear bracelet.

A handmade ocarina from The Legend of Zelda. I loved this game and still do, so much so I made my own Ocarina of Time.

Picture 559

There are lots more things in my box but I won’t bore you with them all. I hope you have enjoyed that little insight into my life and memories, if there is anything you want to ask about then please do.

Much Love x


The magic of micellar water

8 Jul

I have accepted that I am very much behind the times. I live my life in a happy little daze, but when I discover something so monumental and I had no idea it even existed I really wonder where on earth my head is…

There is a science geek hiding on the skincare shelves mixed in with the beauty creams, but shhhhh don’t tell. I have heard the excited calls of fellow beauty bloggers raving madly about their Micellar water, I was curious I had to find out what it was.

Picture 548

I was very excited to use this as I heard it was just like water on your face but a really good makeup remover too. It was true to it’s word and removed my makeup with ease without any irritation but it gets better….

Micellar has a special molecule in the water that attracts oil, so when you’re using it on your cotton pad it’s acting like a magnet and taking all your oil and gunky yukky stuff with it. Clever huh?

Here is my cheesy Mr Miceller molecule sketches!

Picture 550Picture 551Picture 552 As you can see…he’ll attract all the oil and dirt, wash him off with water or a swipe of your cotton pad (this might look cheesy, but he’s kinda cute!)…

Since using this and as you can see it’s only been a tiny bit! I have noticed my blackheads which have been an absolute nightmare to get rid of are coming to the surface of my skin, which although sounds disgusting is actually great because all it is going to take it a couple of hot cloth cleansings to send them packing!

I find it does a grand job at removing my makeup including my mascara, what I love is I don’t have to rub or pull at my eyes to help get it off! It leaves my skin soft and feeling really clean.

I really can’t believe I lived without this before! This will be my staple makeup remover from here on out, I cannot recommend this enough!.

If you’ve tried this, let me know what you thought! Also give me a thumbs up for the cinema glasses and white shirt labcoat scientist look – oh yeah! x

Liebster Blog Award

5 Jul

I am so so so chuffed! I have been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award! I cannot believe that in such a short space of time blogging that I have made such wonderful friends, have seen some amazing blogs and I have loved seeing mine grow with each day. Amy over at Amy’s Annex (check her blog here!) was the beauty to nominate me and I have to thank her so much as I really feel honored!

The rules of the award are as follows:
You must link the blogger who nominated you; you must answer the ten questions given to you by your nominee; you must choose ten bloggers, to be nominated for the award; you must then come up with ten questions you would like your nominees to answer.  Once you have done this you must go to their blogs and let your nominees know you have nominated them!

So let’s get this show on the road!

1) Who is your makeup inspiration? 

I would have to say the Pixiwoo sisters and Julia from Miss Chevious on Youtube, I started watching their videos at a pretty low point a few years ago and it opened my eyes to a new art form and I was hooked, especially on the halloween tutorials! They do some fabulous work 🙂 I seriously heart these ladies.

2) What is the most expensive beauty product you own?

As I am a bargain hunter I would have to say my GHD’s or perfume as I have yet to splash on makeup or skin care. I love love love Dolche & Gabbana The One, I bought it from duty free two years ago and fell in love straight away!

3) What is my favourite nail polish colour for this summer?

OMG, this is too hard for me to answer….Ammmmmy!!! Well I would have to say I am loving a pastel mint green as it’s bang on trend, makes you look tanned and it goes with everything!!!

4) Leggings or Jeans?

I love both, I would say for summer leggings as they’re cooler and you can get some funky patterned ones.

5) Red or Pink Lipstick?

I am definitely a red coral girl! I think there is a shade of red to suit everyone, I struggle with pink..I am just not a pink person 😦

6) What is my favourite holiday destination?

My favourite place i’ve been would have to be Cuba. I spent two weeks here and visited Havana and Varradero. The beach was beyond beautiful and I would love to go back to this part of the world.

7) What made you start blogging? 

I started because I wanted a little small space on the internet to spill my thoughts, when I started I didn’t know what direction my blog would go in or what i’d write about. It was just going to be for me but I am so pleased that so many people share it with me xx

8) What is your favourite post to a) read and b) post?

I am a nosy parker! so I love ‘What’s in my bag’ or anything haul wise as I love to see what people have or buy! I love to post what takes my fancy I don’t want to post on a particular topic because I feel I have to. I don’t ever want to force it.

9) Name your favourite thing about yourself! 

My favourite thing about myself would probably be my legs, they are a 36″ inside leg and are super long! However finding jeans or trousers to fit is a nightmare!!

10) What is your favourite beauty product you own?

I love my Sleek Au Natural Palette as it’s super versatile for everyday looks, smokey eyes evening looks…It’s really pigmented and has great staying power! I love you Sleek! x

To spread the love of the Liebster Blog Award I would like to nominate –

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My 10 questions are –

1) If you could only wear 3 products makeup wise for the rest of your life, what would they be?

2) Lip Balm, Lip Stick or Lip Gloss and why?

3) Prince Harry, Harry Styles, David Dickinson (random yes) Snog, Marry, Avoid..

4) What inspired you to start blogging?

5) What’s your all time favourite book?

6) Where would you love to travel most in the world?

7) Favourite beauty brand (makeup, hair or skincare)

8) What do you enjoy most about blogging?

9) Who is your makeup inspiration?

10) Where would you like to be in 5 years time?


I hope you enjoyed reading this and big love to the girls I nominated! I look forward to reading your answers and seeing your nominees! xxx


The hunt is on – Accessories.

5 Jul

What girl doesn’t love to accessorise? The maker or breaker of an outfit, the icing on the cake…choosing the right accessories is no small feat. My indecisiveness is my Achilles’s Heal. I love too many of my beaded beauties, each uniquely different and each bringing their own element and edge to an outfit.

The only saving grace in this dilemma is the defined colour palette i’m dealing with, everything in my collection that isn’t Silver, Turquoise, Teal or Pearls is out of the question for actual day, but for the rest of the days either side of the wedding I am sure one or two more will slip into the suitcase…

So now I am officially on wedding countdown… I have until July 29th to get every little detail perfected, without further adieu here is my selection of accessories to choose from.

Picture 531

Normally I like to stay rather minimal with jewellery. I will go with a necklace alone or an earring/bracelet combo. Even though the occasion calls for a casual edge I still want to look my best. I am very into my ‘ethnic and tribal style’ jewellery when it comes to the turquoise scene. Having said that I love the delicate and dainty too! I adore these pieces that I have purchased over the years, memories attached to each of them. My eye is always on the lookout for a bit of sparkle..must be the magpie in me (I blame my mum for that)…

Picture 542

My little genuine Turquoise beads, bought from a boutique jewellers in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter on my twentieth birthday, I do not wear these as much as i’d like. This costume jewellery cuff with filigree detailing and teal enameling is right up my street and was a treasured discovery from a car boot sale. I am a sucker for second hand shops and car boot sales for bargins, the thrify side to me!

Picture 543

A genuine Turquoise pendant on  a round silver wire I think is beautifully elegant and simplistic which I bought from Woolacome in Devon in a pasty shop believe it or not. The handmade spiral bead necklace is a casual piece I love, a little wooden button to clasp it and all for £1 at a local market.

Below are some potential accessory combinations, let me know what you prefer! Help me pick!

Picture 539

Necklace & Drop Earrings

Picture 541

Drop Earrings & Bracelet Cuff

Picture 540

Silver Bangles & Necklace


If you have any combination suggestions, please do leave your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Much Love x

Avon Haul – Review

1 Jul

Such fond memories fill my head when I think of Avon. Sitting with my mum as she opened her Avon purchases and feeling grown up flipping through the scented pages of the catalogue. It’s no secret that I love their Supershock Gel Eyeliner which I raved about in my last review.

I was so excited to get some new bits and pieces from Avon as I always love trying new things, I think my boyfriend and I might need to get a bigger house soon to accomodate my ever growing makeup, hair and beauty collection – oopsie!

I love nail polishes and anything nail care and i’m desperately trying to wear brighter colours this year!

Picture 530

This nail polish comes from their Nailwear Pro+ range and is in the shade Inspire (*). It’s a wonderful summery yellow with a cool undertone that would give a great pop of colour to your outfit. I find with nail polish I am an impatient cow, I want it on my nails and dry within minutes because as soon as the first drop hits there is a million and one things I want to do. I mean come on, who hasn’t had the worst urge to go to the toilet as soon as you’ve painted your nails…it’s definitely sods law.

I anticipated this would take a good few coats to get a good colour payoff so I started applying it a bit on the thicker side to try speed things up, mistake that was! The polish only needed 2 decent coats to give a nice opaque colour which pleased me lots, it looks really pleasant but only lasted on my nails a matter of hours before the first sizeable chip…doh silly me forgot to put a top coat on!

This isn’t a colour I would normally purchase, it’s one of those brights that intimidate me, but we’re all about embracing change aren’t we?

Picture 536


I also got this blush in the colour Russett (*), on Avon’s website there are nothing but great reviews about this blush range so I was eager to try it for myself. When you look at the picture I hope you share this first impression, you don’t get a lot of product do you? A lovely compact with a mirror and brush but actual product for your money, hmmph maybe that’s just me.

Picture 537

I thought i’d give the free brush that came with it a go, which immediately got thrown over my shoulder in the direction of the bin. It literally gave my cheek a pinky red ‘go faster’ stripe – not attractive… Undeterred however I picked up my trusty blush brush and picked up a small amount of product to apply. It applied on the bright side, I quickly learnt it’s a very pigmented blush and I needed to go over the top with my foundation brush to tone it down to my taste.

This isn’t a blush colour I think overly suits me, instead of a healthy rosy cheek I just look….embarrassed. This would look lovely on a darker skin tone I think, but as for pale and interesting here, it didn’t cut the mustard – Sorry Avon!

Moving swiftly on, the last product I received was another liner! Hurray! Avon Gilmmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner in the colour Twilight (*). This is a beautiful sparkly blue liner and again like its Supershock cousin glided on to give a smooth application. I was super surprised that I didn’t have to do a couple of strokes to get a decent colour payoff – once again Avon delivered with a one stroke wonder. I applied this on my lower lash line and married it with a few coats of my favourite mascara, the pop of colour lasted all day and several people commented on how it caught the light.

Picture 538

So pleased with this little beauty, this is definitely finding a home in my everyday makeup bag. I am buzzing with ideas of making a navy sparkly smokey eye or smudging the liner for a more sultry look.

Please don’t take my words as gospel, if you like the look of any of these products then do feel free to try them out yourself! Just because they might not have been right for me, doesn’t mean they won’t be wonderful on you. One thing I can safely say across the board with everything i’ve tried here – they are FANTASTIC quality for money.

I would love to hear your thoughts, have you tried any of these products? Let me know what your opinions!

Much Love x

My skin’s story

1 Jul

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with myself. Trapped in a melancholy relationship with my acne, one I do not wish to live with.

I have suffered with spots as long as I can remember, even when I was really young i’d have a whopper zit on my chin, back then it didn’t bother me. At around the age of 14 I started to break out like i’d got the plague but they weren’t normal pimples, no, they were angry red whelks that were swollen and painful. It wasn’t just my face that suffered, my upper back and shoulders bore the same burden.

Several pointless doctor visits left me with antibiotics and cream which seemed as useful as a chocolate teapot. Nothing seemed to work and I was so self conscious of my face that my confidence evaporated. At 16 I went to get put on the pill. I’d read about Dianette which helped fellow acne suffers, I wasn’t sure how it worked but to me it performed a miracle.

My back scarred but finally the red lumps had gone, my face cleared up and I was so pleased. I was on this pill for a long time, longer then they like you to be. Six years later when they changed my pill my spots started to return. I was crestfallen, I knew that there had to be something more to them then just the average teenage acne.

Again my doctor didn’t listen. I really started to sink back into the depression pit of pimples.

A chance appointment which led to an internal ultrasound discovered I have PCOS and the connection to my acne was instantly made. Finally I knew it had a name and there was a reason why my skin suffered. Acne is the main symptom of PCOS that I have and in some ways I guess I am lucky in this respect but it’s incredibly hard to view things this way.

Acne has left a lot of physical and mental scares which are apparent even today by the self conscious grip it still has. I hate showing off my back as it’s started to flair up again, my face has been left with large pores, blackheads and purple scars under the skin where the spots used to be.

I desperately search for products I can afford that will help slowly repair some of the physical damage to my skin. These days I have good skin days but the vast majority of them are bad skin days, it’s a fine tightrope line I walk where I struggle to keep my head held high and not look down into that depression pit that’s always beneath my feet.

I will never claim to know everything about skin care because in this field I feel like I am lost.

I am always trying new things to help, believe me if I ever find the holy grail of products that zaps my zits you’ll be the first I will tell. If you have anything you can share (constructive and kind..) then please do.

Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner – Review

29 Jun

So many pencil and kohl eyeliners have inhabited my makeup bag over the years, many left unused and unloved after only a few applications…yes it’s safe to say over my makeup wearing years eyeliners have been one of the highest casualties.

When I started wearing of makeup at 16, eyeliner was one of my first inherited items from my mum, not really having much of a clue at that age lead to bad experiences and frustrations. I have rather oily skin and unfortunately oily eyelids are part and parcel, every liner I tried made me look more like a panda then pretty.

Over the years i’ve tried several other eye products but now finally i’ve come full circle back to the search for the beloved eyeliner. I first heard of the legendary Avon Supershock from the Pixiwoo sisters, hearing further tales of it’s superior staying power led me to finally purchase one.

Upon inspection of the liner it seemed on the blunt side which made me a bit dubious as to how precise it would apply, however it glided on my waterline with out any snags and was a lot softer then I thought. I decided to see if it would last my 12 hour work day, the ultimate test as far as I am concerned!

Here is a picture of the fresh application at 7.30am

Picture 525

Dress down Friday got quite a dramatic look from me! Love the inky black on the water line that the gel eyeliner gave! Got high hopes for this little beaut!

Took another snap at lunchtime around 12.30..

Picture 527

As you can see the product has moved a little into my lash line but it’s still there and still beautifully black! Really fantastic for 5 hours of wear! Shame the same staying power can’t be said about my lipstick! Had just eaten lunch though!

And finally! The shot in the car before I leave to go home at 17.30!

Picture 526

10 hours of wear and NO touch ups throughout the day! I am mega mega impressed Avon!! What a fabulous product, I cannot believe you beat my oily eyelids! Bravo!!

So there you have it folks, I have to rave about how good this product is! Applies easily, pigmented colour payoff, stays put on there for 10 hours + and it’s an absolute steal price wise! Definitely check it out! Avon Supershock is my superhero of eyeliners!

The hunt is on – The shoes

28 Jun

With the hunt for the dress done and the first item clearly scratched off the itinerary we move onto the second item in question – shoes.

If you’ve followed my previous posts in this little blog series you’ll know that my dress is by the brand Minimum and is an unusual mint green/pastel blue shade titled ‘mink’…(?!)

th41368612500Minimum DAKSHA frnt oil blueMy dilemma for shoes is that the majority of the wedding celebrations will be outside so that means no stiletto heels as i’ll just sink in the grass and i’ll need something I won’t mind wearing on the beach…

I obviously want something to go with the colour of the dress and thought something turquoise would be rather nice!


Turquoise Cross Strap Peeptoe Wedge Heels – Newlook £27.99

These are stunning and such a beautiful colour, but as i’m rather tall anyway wearing something this high would cause the maxi dress to not reach the floor and start to bash the ankles..(not so elegant!)..

Looking to something more on the flat side of things I found these lovely little things.


Turquoise Stud Strap Sandal – Newlook £15.99

I definitely think something along these lines would be more appropriate to wear but I wanted something slightly more smart looking to wear.

This is when I found these beauties..

Picture 515Turquoise Leather Sandals – Primark £12.00

Not only the colour I wanted but also a bargin at £12.00! The padding on the sole of the sandal gives that extra comfort whilst wearing which is a bonus! Here is a closer photo at the intricate detailing.

Picture 516

The layers of beads in turquoise, yellow and amber along with the wood give them a real ethnic tribal feel which I adore. Definitely smart enough for my summer wedding, along with the practicality of flats.

Definitely a happy girl! Things are starting to come together!

Next on the list… Accessories! more on the Silver & Turquoise scale I think!

What do you think? xx

For Your Eyes Only – Review

26 Jun

I am the sort of person who hates my picture being taken. I always seem to get snapped at the worst moments where my mouth is half open or i’m pulling the weirdest expression or I just think I look gangly and awkward.

Needless to say I am definitely a shy away from the camera kind of gal. I had considered having a professional photoshoot before just purely because I wanted to see myself and say…

“Hey, I look pretty good here!”

I always thought they were really expensive for what they were but when a few of my female work colleagues started talking about FYEO last year I couldn’t help but feel  intrigued.

After seeing a few example photos, reading some testimonials and after some firm nudging from one of my work colleagues I gave them a call.

I guess the women who answer the phone are used to dealing with nervous ramblers because that’s exactly how I was, even though I wasn’t stringing together coherent sentences they were more then happy to listen to me and explain any details I wanted.

When the call ended I was in two minds over it all. Here I was: 24, single, no confidence, stretchmarks like a zebra..I could pick faults at myself for forever… and I think really THAT is what made me do it. I was sick to death of feeling crap about myself, I felt unwanted and unattractive throughout my recent ex relationship and I knew it had to change.

So I booked in at the High Wycombe studio, paid a deposit over the phone and that was it no turning back…

I opted for professional makeup as an added extra and went on a new underwear/shoe shopping spree!

On the day of my shoot I was nervous, so nervous I got lost on the way to the studio and ended up being horrifically late! When I finally did arrive I was greeted with such a warmth that I knew i’d made a good choice. Cuppa and biccies in hand and I was in the chair for my makeup.

Picture 122They apply your makeup probably as what you’d deem to be on the excessive side but the camera and lighting cancel out so much that it’s needed!

Here’s the terrible selfie shot post makeup!

Picture 112

After that I was shown into the studio where the shoot takes place and asked to lay out all the pieces i’d brought with me to wear. My photographer was Jamie and she was so lovely and instantly put my nervous mind to rest! She told me to change into a specific set of undies and we were away.

The shoot lasted what what seemed around 2 and a half hours, I was asked to make certain shapes with my body and get into some poses, which she helped explain at every stage and I wasn’t pushed to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with.

After the shoot was done I got to see my unedited photos straight away and I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the result! The final photos were all edited and airbrushed to remove anything I didn’t like and refine the lighting’s ‘body sculpting’ effect.


For anyone that would like a confidence boost and feels like treating yourself, give the lovely FYEO girls a call! I have absolutely no regrets! I thank them all for the wonderful experience and revealing the inner fire I had all along!


Much Love x

P.S I own all the copyright to my images. 

Rimmel Apocalips – Review

26 Jun

Picture 521

The Rimmel product on all bloggers lips (geddit!) lately is the Apocalips Range, I have seen so many reviews on them I had to try them out for myself.

I picked up two in the shades Luna and Nude Eclipse..

Picture 522The first thing I have to say about these is that they are highly pigmented and there is a very nice selection of colours to choose from! I was drawn instantly to Luna for the understated orangey coral tone which is beautiful. It’s a thick consistency but it’s not sticky and has no particular smell to it.

The packaging is different which is rather nice but I don’t particularly like the applicator as it has a hollow area which holds the product.

Picture 523I find this can hinder a smooth and even application and often I have ended up with far too much on but this to me is a small bug bear I can deal with for what I think is a lovely range of lip glosses. I find the finish on these is what I would class as satin but they do dry more matte. They also last extremely well and I would definitely recommend these!

Picture 524Me wearing Luna on the lips

I hope you found this review helpful, do let me know if you’ve tried these and what you think!

Much Love x

The Week #3

25 Jun

Picture 513Picture 519Picture 517Picture 518Picture 512Picture 340Picture 514Picture 511

Left to  Right – Natural Nails obsessed…// A pile of new stuff with one nosy dog// Retail therapy! best cure for a week at work// Winged Eyeliner Practice with a new liner from Topshop// Wild Flowers on our dog walk route no filter photos// Morning Sunshine early bird// Lunchtime Lipstick Swatches a trip to Boots and a gander at Rimmel// Puppy cuddles at work best day of the week by far!!…

For anyone who’s interested the swatch photo is as follows (top to bottom) –

05 Kate Moss Matte Range

16 Kate Moss Matte Range

110 Vibrant Coral (Kate Moss Range)

101 Soft Pink Matte (Kate Moss Range)

600 Soft Coral

26 Kate Moss Matte Range

210 Coral in Gold

066 Heather Shimmer (on the side – can’t believe this still make this one!)

Feel free to share anything about your week..

Much Love x

Shopping haul #1

23 Jun

As the title says I went shopping! Hurrah!

Picture 501Behold the haul of goodies! My shopping trip included – Topshop, Bank, Pilot, Primark & Millie’s Cookies (naughty I know – guilty pleasure!). 

Here’s a picture of my nosy dog investigating my purchases, she always has to see if i’ve brought anything home for her!

Picture 503

Anyway onto the actual haul! 

Picture 504Left to Right – Primark  dusky pink delicate knit cardigan// Bank coral peeptoe flats// Primark light grey cardigan// Topshop magic liner in black// Lips by Topshop Beatnik dirty pink nude//  Primark natural look false lashes//. 

If you want to see what I purchased from Pilot check out my The hunt is on – Summer wedding dress post.


I always pop into Primark when I go shopping simply because it’s great to see what bargins they have. The stock changes in there so quickly that nothing ever seems to be the same when I go. I wanted a light grey cardigan that was light, covered by bum but wasn’t a waterfall style. They had quite a selection and I opted for this one.

Picture 507Sums up pretty much everything I wanted! awesome. Also ended up leaving with this one as it’s beautiful and I love it!

Picture 508This photo does make it look more purple then pink but it’s a really soft vintage pink colour and it’s super comfy to wear! Both of these cardigans were £10.00 from Primark which lets face it, is an absolute steal!. I also picked up some false lashes to wear to the wedding i’m going to next month. I have used these before and for what they are you can’t go wrong for a £1.00! They do 3 different styles but the natural effect are the ones I prefer.


I went in to check out their makeup range as I have been dying to see what the fuss is about. I have heard so much about their range I decided to pick up a couple of bits.

20E14CBLK_normalI have always been dubious about these ‘magic liners’ I have always struggled with a good liner flick but this wasn’t too far on the pricey scale, so I decided to give it a shot! – Not a bad first attempt eh?!

Picture 510I also purchased my second… Lips by Topshop in the colour Beatnik (also pictured above). I am all about dirty pink nudes and this is no exception to the love affair. Take a look at my Product picks for summer post for a more detailed review of this lippy.

Picture 505

And a swatch..

Picture 506


I don’t often get to go in this shop as it’s not in my local town but I couldn’t resist on this occasion! Which leads me to my next purchase.

Picture 509

These are stunning and perfect for adding a pop of colour to your outfit this summer. I took it as an omen that these were the only pair left and they were in my size. I hardly needed anymore convincing then that. £10.00 in the sale ❤

Right that’s the lot apart from the Pilot purchase but you have to check out my Summer Wedding Dress post for that one!

Much Love x

The hunt is on – The dress

23 Jun

If you’ve seen my last post you know i’m in a tiz trying to find the perfect summer wedding outfit. This post is dedicated to the finding my ideal dress.

Once I knew I had to find something new to wear I had a firm idea in my head of what I wanted. I thought something along the Nautical style would compliment not only the scenery of the wedding but what the boyfriend has to wear also. Upon searching Google, I found that the only nautical dresses I could find were flimsy jersey material that unless you wear no pants and have a flat washboard tummy are highly unflattering (especially on me)…

284231809This black and white stripe maxi vest dress from Newlook comes in at £16.99 and although it’s nice for summer I wouldn’t wear it to a wedding. This kind of relaxed style dress seems to be mirrored in all the highstreet shops and go-to websites for women’s fashion as far as nautical is concerned.

I really wanted something with a bit more structure…

008555baThis gorgeous dress I spotted in Bank and although it wasn’t nautical it certainly was keeping with the blue/white theme I had pictured. The Little Mistress Alyssa Lace Panel Maxi Dress was on the hanger at £70.00 and although it looked beautiful it just wasn’t “me”.

08555bcI wanted to show you a closer look at the intricate beading and sequins along the lace panels, right up some people’s streets i’m sure but just not up mine. I have quite understated tastes and this was just a bit “much” for me.

My hunt continued…

By now I have kind of come to the conclusion that my initial idea of a beautiful structured stripy maxi dress was out the window. I was feeling a little deflated and overwhelmed….what would I look for now?! 

Over a vanilla latte to boost my spirits I started thinking about how I have been trying to push the boat out and expand my wardrobe colours, anyway sugar boost and pep talk done. Outside of the coffee shop was Pilot so I decided a quick look wouldn’t hurt.

Picture 500

What do you think to this little beauty?! It’s gorgeous isnt it! I found this on a rail and it’s a brand i’m unfamiliar with. This dress by Minimum is only what I can describe as a grecian style maxi dress in a bluey mint colour. It’s a simple dress with an elasticated line just under the bust and hangs beautifully to the floor. I have to say despite being a bit on the booby side I really fell in love with this dress. £70.00 lighter and the first item can be crossed off my itinerary!

Picture 502Now I need to accessorise it accordingly – i’m thinking silvers and light grey and maybe a colour pop of turquoise?

What do you think? Xx

The hunt is on – The perfect summer wedding outfit.

23 Jun

Summer is a the season to get married, my boyfriend and I have friends who are doing just that this year. Our friends are having their lovely wedding in Cornwall at the end of July and we are very much looking forward to attending.

Only recently I found out that the theme of the wedding (dress code wise) was slightly more on the casual scale with the “Summer frocks and flip-flops” emblazoned on the invitation. Ok not so bad I thought, I have a few smart maxi dresses tucked away in my wardrobe and I had one particular in mind. A long elegant vintage dusky pink maxi dress with a halter neck tie and wooden bead detail on the straps. I thought that was me sorted….I was wrong.

My boyfriend has the role of an usher for the wedding and has been given a few bits of clothing to wear to match the others. He’ll be wearing a linen blazer, chino and boat shoe ensemble.

843225797-690-G38s798-867-G38s Won’t he look smart! All items above are from Next in the current men’s summer range.

So if you’re getting my drift my happy idea of a vintage pink number will clash the socks off what my other half  has to wear…oh dear. This now can only mean one thing, with just under 6 weeks to go to the wedding – my hunt for the perfect summer wedding outfit is on! 

Wedding Outfit Itinerary

1. Dress

2. Shoes

3. Accessories

4. Makeup

5. Hair

It’s going to be a challenging 6 weeks, let the hunt begin!

Much Love x

My product picks for summer

22 Jun

I do not proclaim myself to be a ‘fashionista beauty guru’ but I do love trying new things and finding little gems among the overwhelming range of products on my local highstreet. What girl doesn’t honestly love feeling like she looks her best? Because when you’re looking good, it makes you feel great! (Well it does for me anyway!)..

Lately I have really pushed the boat out and tried to move away from my safe harbour what I know and branch out into the unknown territory of beauty. I thought it would be really nice to share a few of my new discoveries!


With the seasonal change the weather has turned rather muggy in my little corner of the UK. My skin has unfortunately not welcomed this change and has become super oily. This of course as the story goes has led to several breakouts and me being exceptionally fed up over it all. Instead of admitting defeat, this time I took action!

Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Day Cream


This has become my new mattifying mate! This moisturiser is a match made in heaven for my oily/combination skin. It’s all made with natural organic ingredients (sounds rather posh doesn’t it!). The main star of this show is the Willowbark which is supposed to help clarify your skin and provide all day shine control along with hydration and protection. Sounds a lot for this little tub of cream!

In my opinion it’s doing wonders for my skin, I have been applying it on a cleansed face in the morning before make up to give myself a good base to work on. So far without any primer my foundation has been lasting all day and at 17.00 it’s just starting to break down around my nose. Bear in mind, i’ve used no primer and not set with any ‘powder so I am sure this will be a well used product as the summer months continue and whilst we might not get any sunshine, my skin will be shine free! Hurray!!! Despite the thick texture appearance it does blend and absorb into my skin easily and the anti-shine effect is instantly noticeable!

I would definitely recommend this to my fellow oily skinned friends, go try it!! If you needed another reason it’s cheap as chips too so there is NO excuse!!

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Purifying Mask


Still sending offerings of thanks to the skies for the angel that sent this to me as a substitute in my online shopping! My skin has needed a bit of pepping up lately, it’s been a sorry old state! So, I was hunting for a face mask that would do just that. If you’ve not guessed from the product above i’m an oily kinda gal so a clay mask was definitely on the cards.

I am totally in love with this product! It first of all smells amazing, a very light and delicate scent. Once I have smoothed it on my skin it’s instantly cooling and feels very refreshing, although it’s menthol in the ingredients that makes it cool it has NO giveaway smell (thankfully!! – I HATE mint and menthol blergh!).

I normally kick back and relax with this on my mush for 15 to 20 minutes, I know i’m ready to rinse when I can’t move my facial muscles (which cracks my other half up!). It’s easy to remove with warm water and doesn’t leave a residue on your skin. After using this I find my skin is extremely soft, I look refreshed and perkier. I find it helps calm my redness patches and reduces swelling on any nasty spots. I have been using this twice a week now for 3 weeks and I am over the moon with the results, I have even noticed my blackheads disappearing. Palmers – I salute you!

If you’re looking for a clay mask, look no further. I promise you will have no regrets!


I am very particular with my makeup as I have extremely fair skin, I find I struggle to find shades that suit me especially when it comes to blusher. I tend to shy away from corals and orangey shades as I am paranoid they clash with my hair colour which is a natural dark strawberry blonde/auburn.

However, I have been converted!

MeMeMe Boho Balm Cheek & Lip Tint


I have been using the colour combination Coral Taupe and I adore it! It has a creamy texture that is easily blendable with your finger tips and creates a peachy glow for your cheeks or a sheer tint to the lips. I found the taupe shade slightly intimidating at first, but, I quickly took the plunge and tried it as a bronzer/contour and it works wonderfully. Either apply with a brush or your fingers for effortless beauty. The only thing I find at a downside of this little gem is it can be quite hard to open.

This is another highstreet steal so go grab yours today!

Lips by Topshop



How…how on earth have I only just discovered the Topshop Range?! I know beauty bloggers have raved for what seems an age but this range has always been on my “To Do” list. I love dirty pink nudes for my lips, my last favourite being the Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. I picked up the Lips by Topshop in the colour Beatnik.

First of all the packaging on the entire Topshop range is so cute and although I think the range is a little pricey for some pieces I was eager to see if they lived up to the hype. I have been living in this colour, I think it’s truly versatile and suits my complexion perfectly. I have worn this with an understated summer makeup, a more rock chick grunge look and even to the office. It has a slight shimmer to it and I find it lasts well on my lips.

If you are new to the Topshop range like myself, check this colour out.


If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know i’ve gone a wee bit potty over nail polishes lately. I have bought loads but the one colour i’m coming back to time and time again is…(drum roll……)..

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint

Barry-M-Gelly-Hi-Shine-Nail-Paint-Prickly-Pear-187727I own two of these beauties this lovely colour (pictured) Prickly Pear and Blueberry. I love the shiny gloss effect they give and the fact I can be lazy and only do one coat and still get a good colour pay off! I have been rocking this colour most of the time since I bought it and I am almost in need of a second!!! I have to say when I repurchase this I will be buying more colours and I have my eye on Lychee, Green berry, Guava & Pomegranate…

barry-m-gelly-hi-shine-nail-paint-prickly-pear.jpgI am sure that these are well and truly on your radar for the summer, if not..where have you been!


I hope you enjoyed my post on product picks for summer, please do feel free to share with me what you’re loving this time of year and if you’ve discovered anything new.

Much Love x



Love the life you live, Live the life you love

20 Jun

Sometimes I find life can get so hectic, so stressful that I get completely wrapped up in the one thing that’s not going right at the time which makes me feel incredibly negative, but who isn’t in the same boat with me on this?!

That negativity is easily spread and sometimes I find it extremely hard to not let it taint the rest of my thoughts and mood that day. I think we all need a reminder of what good things we have in life, in what ways we are truly blessed and that luck, fate, destiny, god (whatever you want to call it) is really on our side.

If anyone was to ever ask my advice I would tell them that life is meant to test us. Bad things do happen to good people, but in bad situations good people better themselves in order to deal with it. Bad things happen to teach us life lessons and experiences, they help you appreciate what you have and make you learn to love it all the more.

You may feel pretty average, a home, a job, married with 2.4 kids maybe..you maybe be wondering what’s so great about all of that, you’re just the same as the majority of the world population. Some people would give their arm and a leg just to have that i’m sure. Some people don’t have a home, some people are discriminated against and can’t find work, some people spend their lives alone longing for a life companion and some people can never have kids. Just remember what riches you have in the things you take for granted day to day.

How would you feel if one day you woke up having lost everything? Life can give with one hand but take it with the next but instead of crying because it’s over, smile because it happened. Appreciate and love what you have for the time you have it because, sadly, nothing lasts forever.

I truly believe that life throws curve balls to people with the inner strength (perhaps undiscovered) to deal with it and throw it back with greater force.


Food for thought x


19 Jun


Inspiration – in·spi·ra·tion (noun)

1. Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.

2. The condition of being so stimulated.

3. An agency, such as a person or work of art, that moves the intellect or emotions or prompts action or invention.

4. Something, such as a sudden creative act or idea, that is inspired.

5. The quality of inspiring or exalting: a painting full of inspiration.

6. Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.


in`spi•ra′tion•al, adj.

in`spi•ra′tion•al•ly, adv.

It is clearly defined what Inspiration means, but what it is to each of us is undefinable. What we draw inspiration from is different for every single person, whether it be words or a picture what is agreeable is it comes in many forms.

For me, it is not a resource I find easily accessible. I can be starved for days, weeks, even months without so much as a snifter and yet sometimes (rare times I must admit) I can be so inspired I do not know how to handle the fire.

I often find that I ponder the dilemma of how I can make my old friend Inspiration visit more often. Discovering new things or even rediscovering that what you already love is the easiest solution, but, when you find you’re struck with it unexpectedly and you have a real serendipity moment – that for me is the real icing on the cake.

A question I pose to all my readers, What inspires you? and how do you retain that feeling?

We all come different walks of life, we will have encountered lots of different people, lots of different things but in the case of Inspiration we have one common goal. For me..Inspiration comes from the beauty of nature. If ever you look for inspiration to create, look to the mother of all creators. Everything so intricate and delicate but fiercely beautiful. I never feel more at home then when I am at the beach, the serene water, freshness of the air and my toes buried in the sand is my little piece of heaven.

I would love for you to share with me anything that inspires you, whether it be a link a photo a motto…anything.

Thank you x


Starting Again

14 Jun

I am very much the type of person to play it safe. The general life motto is

“Stick with what I know because that means I can’t go far wrong, right?!”

Not a great attitude I must admit…

For me I have never had much direction in life, I started off by wanting to be the lady in the shop who kept all the money – a get rich fast scheme from an early age! Of course one has no concept of business or costs and profits at 5. 

Then over the years, various phases brought various other career options into the limelight, I love animals – what girl doesn’t?! With the weekly episode of Animal Hospital I had set the heart on being a vet!…until that episode where the arm goes up the cows butt and does not even stop at the elbow, maybe being a vet wasn’t for me after all (definitely not). 

The genetic talents of my family deemed me to have an artistic flair and I flourished in GCSE and A Level Art, painting and drawing I found was expressive and exciting but I was always incredibly critical of myself and rarely did I produce anything I deemed as good. My dad was very much a influence on my choices, he always insisted that I must achieve more then he did at my age. As much as I love Art, he always enforced that painting pretty pictures would never result in a sound career with the supportive salary.

Dreams crushed. 

I just didn’t know what to do after that. Through the advice of my Art Teacher I applied for a Foundation Art Course at college, I hoped it would open my eyes to medias and skills i’d not had the chance to work with previously and possibly careers that would utilise and stimulate my creativity.


This is me painting in Art at Sixth Form.

College turned me down, I was deemed as too narrow minded as my work showed a small skill set and again I was left with my conscious’ cruel words –

“I could have told you that wouldn’t of been accepted on that course, why did you even bother” …

I picked myself back up and pushed myself to go to uni on the first course that sounded remotely interesting. Needless to say I couldn’t hack it… I had gone to uni for the wrong reasons…lesson learnt!

I have flitted from job to job since, taking what was convenient or paid well but ultimately when it boils down to it what i’ve learnt above all else is you spend the majority of your time at work and the people you work with, if you don’t enjoy what you do then it saps your time, energy and most of all your creativity. Life is far too short to be stuck doing a job you despise with no promotional aspects at 25.

“So do something about it…” I hear you say, well that’s what my boyfriend kept saying too. It’s not as simple as that though, one can’t just wave a magic wand and life will roll over and give you everything you want. I am a responsible person, to me I can’t just quit work to head back into education…i’m not that selfish.  I have responsibilities, bills, a home, a car and lots of other things that require money to keep and make work. Surely I can’t just rely solely on my other half to support me?

“Why worry? he said. Just do something for you, we’ll be fine.”

It’s hard I know, lots to think about but worrying about all the ifs and buts and what not’s is A) going to give me a headache B) make me feel it’s unachievable and C) give me some premature wrinkles…they’re coming anyway, why invite them any earlier then needs be?

So…I did it. I took the plunge. I went for an interview for an Access to Art course and got snapped up by the lecturer!!(Insert cheesy dance here because it totally made my year!). 

I finally feel that this is my time now, time to immerse myself in things I love, reignite my passions and discover new talents. From here I intend to do things properly now, I have seen first hand what kind of industries I could venture into with the right portfolio and skills…certainly there are viable careers for artists!

To anyone who reads this thinking they can’t, believe me you can. When the time is right the opportunities will fall into place and you will find doors open to allow you to make the transition. Whether it be back to education like me, or a change in career, travelling, settling down – whatever…leave the doubt at the door.

I promise you won’t need it where we’re going.

Much Love x

The Week #2

12 Jun









This week  – Fresh Strawberries & Raspberries ❤ Summer Food// Do you like Butter? Summer flowers// Rimmel Rose Libertine feeling pink// Homemade Profiteroles  Heavenly// Chocolate Fudge Cupcake a very food orientated week!// Black & White Classic// This is Your Life It’s too short – live the life you love// Summer Makeup dewy healthy glow.

Life saving product of the week – Palmers Cocoa Butter Purifying Facial Mask… OMG this is heaven in a tube! My skin has seriously been breakout city this week (damn hormones). If you know me my absolute life goal is trying to keep the pesky blighters at bay. This facemask is a miracle worker on my combination skin. Smooth it over damp skin and let the natural green clay draw out all your pore clogging impurities allowing the deeply nourishing natural Almond Oil to get to work on your dry skin patches. Evening Primrose Oil, Chamomile extracts and Aloe Vera will help to calm the skin reducing redness while Menthol will leave it feeling cool and refreshed. Cocoa Butter will keep the skin nicely moisturised – give this a go if you haven’t already!! You’re missing out ❤


Summer Nails

12 Jun

I have been a little obsessed lately with my nails.

There are sooo many beautiful nail polishes available at the moment in a stunning array of colours. Every time I seem to go shopping another seems to make it home with me…I might have a slight issue (don’t tell!).

I am loving the pastel colour trends but have never been brave enough to try them. This year with my new mantra I have decided to adopted these little beauties. Picture 482

Left to Right – Rimmel Coralicious// Rimmel Pure Sin//Rimmel Rose Libertine// Barry M Prickly Pear// Barry M Blueberry// Rimmel Sky High//Rimmel Sweet as Sugar// Models Own Indian Ocean//Rimmel Mary Quite Contrary.

As you might be able to tell I am always drawn to Rimmel. Their colour shades always keep me coming back for more, today being no exception –

Picture 481

I have also been drawn to Barry M’s new Gelly Nails range. Super cute colours with a glossy shine… what’s not to love?!

If you are a traditional girl and love your red and pinks have a gander at these…

Picture 484Something to suit everybody here, whilst giving into the Corals and Vintage Pastel colours –

Left to Right – Rimmel Double Decker Bus// Rimmel Apricot Pop//Rimmel Pure Sin//Rimmel Rose Libertine//Rimmel Coralicious (front). 

Pastels more to your taste? Check these –

Picture 488These colours remind me of Dolly Mixture…

Left to Right – Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Prickly Pear// Rimmel Mary Quite Contrary// Rimmel Pure Sin//Rimmel Sweet as Sugar// Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Blueberry.

As with all drugstore nail polishes I find they last better with a top coat and give them 2-3 coats for maximum colour payoff. Go and have a wander into your local drugstore and prepare to be mesmerized by the amazing colours – treat yourself to something new this year.

Tell me what your favourites are for your nails, any excuse for me to try something new!

Much Love x

Time for change

10 Jun

Despite what people say, we all to a certain degree worry about what others think of you, worry what they’ll say or even do. I do believe however the worst critic you’ll ever face is yourself.

My inner monologue is a bitch.

It’s really hard to branch out of your comfort zone, you’ve built your walls high, you’ve built them strong and inside is your happy space. That’s absolutely fine.

Sometimes it’s healthy to push yourself outside of your fortress to embrace the new. New opportunities and experiences won’t come knocking or anywhere near you unless you’re out there working for them, but this can leave you feeling exposed.

Most mornings I try to push myself to do something different, I talk myself into wearing a red lip to work for example – the minute I put that lipstick on my inner monologue says “Don’t be stupid, you look ridiculous. Other people will think you look ridiculous Take it off…NOW” 

Before I realise it’s already half smeared down my face in my attempt to forget i’d even tried it.

For years I have plodded along with no confidence, always feeling that I look like crap, which in turn makes me feel like crap, my inner monologue running the show. No more…

Learning to love yourself can be hard, but pointing out one good thing about yourself a day is a decent start. Instead of the first thought being oh god my skin looks terrible, such big bags under my eyes, what is that on my face….. holy crap no amount of concealer will fix that mess. 

Try and think how lucky you are… I have luscious thick hair, legs to die for, an ample chest…whatever you like about yourself make sure you say it louder then your inner monologue whining about one small imperfection.

There is a much bigger picture to look at then focusing on one tiny detail, open your eyes because you’ll soon see that whatever you think is wrong with you chances are someone wishes they had it…didn’t think about that did ya.

So try that red lip, if it doesn’t work for you it’s not the end of the world, you were brave enough to try it and that deserves a pat on the back. If you don’t try it, you’ll never know and you’ll never move forward.

Picture 467

The Week #1

8 Jun

IMG_0919IMG_0924IMG_0915Picture 464Picture 463Picture 461Picture 227Picture 465


This week – Revlon Kiss Me Coral Lipstick Being a shade braver at work//Barry M Gelly Nails Prickly Pear My new fav nail polish range//Bristol Home Town Feeling Home Sick//My Gorgeous Pup Always a pleasure to come home to xx//Boots Botanics Range Trying new things//My Last Holiday Cuba 2011//Family Photos Remembering your roots//Green Eyed Girl No monster, just me//

Survival 101 – Living with the other half…

6 Jun

Ok, so lets see a show of hands…

Who else has issues with commitment? It’s a scary thing… for me at least. Now doubt in my mind that I won’t be alone in this.

So lets set the scene. You’re enjoying the journey of your relationship, working with the perfect balance of boyfriend, friends and ME time – until that nesting instinct kicks in. Suddenly you’re thrown into hormonal turmoil and you find yourself pondering the what if’s of setting up shop with the fella.

Perfectly normal let me tell you, also perfectly normal to then stress about all the little consequences of your to be living situation.

First of all, lets accept he’s going to see you in the glorious state you wake up in on a morning….fantastic (ugh!) – time to embrace the neanderthal look ladies, I bet he’s no Prince Charming on the toll of the AM alarm either. 

Aside from seeing you with no makeup and before the grooming ritual he’s also going to be; invading your personal space, trying to cut into your TV time with the sports, leaving last weeks boxers on the floor (maybe in a pile, if you’re lucky) and filling the whole house with sounds of zombie splatter from his precious Xbo360. Believe me all the little annoying quirks will frustrate you tenfold.

Don’t let me put you off by the way, despite being an Xbox/PC widow myself he’s turned into a real hunter-gatherer type and loves catching and cooking dinner (when I say catching I mean from the fridge/freezer). My own Jamie Oliver in training – i’ve lucked out!

I am rather pleased to admit, that it’s not as bad as I anticipated. Despite the rich tapestry of worry I wove for months it’s working out rather nicely. Our space is still our own but with all the bonus of time together, Sky + is the saving grace between our taste in TV and as for washing on the floor..who doesn’t join the floordrobe trend now and again?

I’d encourage anyone who is in a fluster over the possibilities to just take the plunge, you’ll naturally adapt and soon find you’re enjoying cohabiting. Embrace the change, what’s to lose?

images (1)

Much Love x

A Diary of My First Tattoo

2 Jun

Picture 191

Like any normal teenager I went through a copious amount of phases. I wanted EVERYTHING pierced and a couple of tattoos thrown in there too. The scene I was surrounded by in my late teens was alternative, so piercings, tattoos and gorgeous long haired rockers were everywhere. Safe to say that this enforced all of the above tenfold.

My mother insisted I didn’t need anything and I was banned till 18, I thought she was just horrendously uncool.

Anyway fast forward a few years and the idea of getting a tattoo had not disappeared, so I started researching.  I had a clear idea of the design and placement it was just could I bear the pain?…

My pain threshold is craptastic, I am a whimp. Needles….hell no, injections cannot even watch – how on earth would I do a tattoo?

I started asking friends and work colleagues who had them, my constant questioning of “Did it hurt?” “Was it painful” got boring fast and I highly suspect they went from telling me the truth to tall tales of excruciating pain and infections….gits.

In addition to this, I researched healing techniques and blogs online I wanted to try prepare myself in every way possible, expect the worst and hope for the best kind of thing.

Having chosen my tattoo studio and artist, I went ahead and booked…. DUM DUM DUUUUUUM… 4 weeks to wait and convince myself I could go through it.

Needless to say it came round bloody quick.

On the day of the appointment I was sick with nerves, I tried to eat something beforehand but failed miserably. Once at the tattoo studio, they checked I was happy with my design and transferred it into place.

If only it were that easy huh?

My chosen design looked beautiful and I knew it was something I couldn’t turn back from now, aside from that i’d never had lived it down….told too many people (schoolgirl error!)

So here we go, the tattoo gun buzzed to life and he asked if he could start. I took a deep breath and waited for the horrific pain I had worked myself up for, I was pleasantly surprised!!!

I did not find it painful at all, just a little uncomfortable but nothing that could not be dealt with. It honestly felt like it tickled in places and I was so happy to be able to watch the artist work.

Picture 190

As the time passed my beautiful design was taking shape I was nothing but overwhelmed at the detail and intricacy of his art. As he moved onto the ribbon over my ankle bone, this was where the pain got a little worse…

It felt how I can only describe as being scratched with a knife tip, but again it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle…

Picture 204

An hour and 30 minutes later, my tattoo was complete. I felt champion….(I did it, huzzah!)

I was advised to use the ‘wet healing’ method in order to keep the ink pigment dark and crisp. Keeping it covered with clingfilm and nappyrash cream was hard. It iiiiiiiitched so bad, but after 3 days I discarded the use of clingfilm during the day and just slathered it with cream.

I had heard mixed thoughts and opinions on this type of healing method, but honestly I would recommend it as it worked perfectly for me.

I am so pleased with my tattoo and proud of myself for going through with it. My tattoo means so much to me and represents some important people and moments i’ve experienced in life. It feels like part of me that has been there forever.

Much Love x

My on-going quest for beautiful nails.

2 Jun


One thing that’s always been an obsession of mine is nails.

Even when I was young, I had a pretend set that you wore like rings over the tips of your fingers…I thought they were great! Many fun hours proceeded of pointing and tapping. Wonder what ever happened to those

My mother has beautiful strong and healthy nails, but unfortunately genetics didn’t smile on me and it skipped a generation…

Mine have always been brittle, soft and you’d think they were a bunch of bananas the amount they split.

Over the years, I have tried EVERYTHING; Supplements, Clearcoats, Strengtheners, Lotions, Potions… you name it.

So what has worked for me?…


let’s discuss nail care on a budget. 

First and foremost a nail mantra –

Treat your nails like jewels, not tools…

How true, we pick, scratch, poke, prod and your nails all take the brunt of it, poor little buggers...

You wouldn’t fancy using your diamonds to do your dirty work, so time to start holding your hands in higher regards.

Show them some love (your hands and nails that is) –

Plenty of good old calcium and vitamin A in your diet will help strengthen the blighters; yoghurt, cheese, milk…yummy. If your diet is poor your  hair, skin and nails can all suffer. Make sure to try include some diary in your diet each day – your nails will thank you for it.

Nail Bath –

Soak them in some extra virgin olive oil…sounds gross maybe but i’ve seen dozens of beauty gurus recommend it. Soak them in it for up to 5 minutes, as it’s rich in vitamins it will help condition your nails as well as promote growth. When you’re done, rub the excess in with your thumbs to prompt and increase blood flow to your nail beds, it all helps to keep them healthy and strong!

Filing & Keeping them painted –

Plain and simple, file your nails in one direction only (think of the band to help you remember if you have to!) it will help infinitely with splitting. Try to keep them painted at all times, even if it’s with a clear coat if your mood isn’t colourful…

Try different colours and funky cute designs, guaranteed to keep your nails stronger and make you smile!



I’d love to hear your tips, tricks and secrets!

Much Love x

Hello You…

31 May

What’s this you have stumbled on?

Another small uncharted corner of cyberspace, well thanks for stopping by!

So perhaps you’re wondering, what do we have here then?…perhaps not.

If you are wondering, with no further adieu I am:

. A. Twenty – something. Bristolian.

Daydreamer. Redheaded & Slightly Whimsical. 

I love all things:

. Art. Design. History. Fantasy. Games.

Beauty. Fashion. Vintage.

.Homemade. Cooking.  

So here I am.

My little corner of cyberspace,  it’s not much but it’s home. Feel free, pull up a chair and share with me.